Wednesday, December 1, 2010

PRIZE #6 from Momma Winger!

Here is my contribution to our Open House drawing. This 16x20 canvas has it all! You got your paint, you got your wool, you got stitching, why you've even got a bit of paper! Best of all, you've got HOPE! We all need that. So I guess we Things with Wings girls are sharing little known facts about ourselves, huh? I've got a million of 'em. Let's see, for a few, here we go:
*I once went to church with a kleenex laying on top of my head.
*I was the feature baton twirler at my high school and once had to twirl in this skimpy little outfit during a snow storm and boy, was that baton cold!!!
*I like to eat potato chips in twos and by order of size, smallest to largest.
*I once rubbed elbows with Ted Kennedy.
*One of the best Christmas memories I have is when I got a pair of white canvas tennis shoes (probably abt. $1.99 then) and a pair of bobby socks to go with them.
Oh, gosh I could go on and on, but I won't, because I have to get busy and finish up a couple last minute things that need to show up in this open house Sat. See you then, friends!!!


  1. the potato chip thing has me a little worried.

  2. Hey you guys!!! Good luck with your lovely open house!!! I really wish I could stop by!!! Sniff, sniff. Cheers to all of you!!!!