Thursday, December 2, 2010

Final Giveaway!

Here is your final giveaway! We are so excited for this weekend. Sounds like we're going to have a good turnout, so I'm expecting a pretty good little party! This is one of my favorite pieces, all done in acrylics. Here a few of my random facts, that you probably didn't think you ever really wanted to know about me.....
* My favorite color to paint with is "Spanish Olive" by Folkart, but in the IC area it's kind of hard to come by, so when I see it, I ususally buy all the bottles they have. (The other Wingers don't know this.....but I guess they do now.)
* I don't like to snuggle. But, everyone insists that I do. It's a sick game people like to play with me.
* I love to read. But, only unrealistic cheesy happy stories that wrap up nice and tidy by the end of the book like they're supposed to. I don't like any of this drama stuff that leaves you feeling
weird at the end.
* My feet are size 10 1/2. Guess what? They don't make shoes in a size 10 1/2.
* I like to have dance parties in my kitchen when my kids are at school. I think my neighbor, Carlos, accidently witnessed this once, but we don't talk about it.
* I have been searching for the perfect Christmas wreath for *YEARS*. I'm really picky about wreaths. I just think, in general, they're all ugly. But this year....I found it. I hung it with pride on my front door. It was made out of some wierd white poky things. Doesn't it sound beautiful??!? Long story, short. It somehow melted and stuck to my screen door and when I opened my front door on a really sunny warm day it ripped off and slid down my door, putting a big scratch down the door. It's all misshapen and it smells funny. I got all teary eyed and my husband just looked at me like I was from another planet. Men don't understand these things. The End.

**I feel really exposed and vulnerable now.

Onto happier things.....we got our DEMDACO boxes in the mail yesterday! I was in Target when I got the call and basically ditched my cart and raced to Jills. We are SO EXCITED to show you all. We'll try and get some pics up next week after we've recovered for those who couldn't make it to the show, but we would love for you to come out and see us! It's gonna be a party!


  1. How fun that you are blogging more personally now. I love your sense of humor and quirkiness.

    Of course, you know I also love nearly everything you guys make!


  2. I love a giveaway ALMOST as much as I love your art!

    Thanks for the random info, and so sorry about your wreath...

  3. Love your random facts and sorry 'bout your wreath. :(

    Demdaco box arrival day is a joyous one! I was home alone when mine was delivered, but I texted my sons' who came rushing home to see my girly treasures.

    Love the painting!

  4. I feel your pain about the wreath!! So hard to find a good one...I am SO sorry that "the one" is no longer. :( But..Oh Happy Day with the DEMDACO arrival. So exciting! Love, LOVE your art!