Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mother's Day 2014 - Gift Ideas + 20% Off!

Mother's Day is right around the corner and we've got some great ideas for gifts and some awesome news about how to get our C.R. Gibson line for 20% off your entire purchase!  

I know, I know, if you're reading this, then YOU are probably "the mother!"  So we suggest you share, Facebook, Instagram or tweet the people in your life who MADE you a mom - they might appreciate some hints on what to get you!  

Or for even more immediate results you could just yell, "Ho-ney! C'mere a minute - I want to show you something!" (Then show hubby this post!)

And if none of THAT works, well who's to say you can't buy YOURSELF something for Mother's Day?!  YOU'RE the one who did all the hard work, right?!  You deserve it. :-)

Click on the photo below to shop our new line with C.R. Gibson called {Enjoy} the Little Things and be sure to use the 20% off code: MOM20!

Another way to find awesome Mother's Day gifts is by shopping our Demdaco line, "This Thing Called Family!"   If you head to this post called  "Our favorite Mother's Day Gifts, you'll find a great round-up of all of the best stuff from TTCF and links to several trusted online resources.  Our Mom Rules are always a fun choice, but there are a ton of fun and useful products as well!
Here are two great resources for "This Thing Called Family:" 

Here you'll find LOADS of cool home decor from TTCF like the alphabet program,  our word blocks, a magnetic family tree for all her favorite photos, and the family mobile.

 Here you'll find all of the Mom Rules - even one for Dad and Grandma!  You'll also find a weekly chalkboard to stay organized, wall hooks , a very popular magnetic perpetual calendar  and much more.

Another great option for Mom that you'll want to check out is our new MatMates with Magnet Works!  Head here to find out all about these rugs!

For even more Mother's Day inspiration and gift ideas from all kinds of sources,  check out our Mother's Day Pinterest Board!

Monday, April 14, 2014

"Gifts-to-Go" with Magnet Works

Magnets Works has a great blog about all of the fun things they're doing! Check out their most recent post about retail displays and merchandising.   We're thrilled that the post features a few of our favorite new MatMates!

One of their great suggestions for retailers is to create easy and fun"gifts-to-go" for their customers by pulling related items together.  For example, below they've rolled up MatMates, (I see our "Hello/Goodbye" mat and our "Creativity Takes Courage" mat!) tied them with twine and then added another corresponding gift.  

photo courtesy of Magnet Works

Here's what the two mats {featured above}* look like when unrolled:
Hello/Goodbye mat available here!

Creativity Mat available here!

*There are 8 different MatMates featuring Things With Wings designs.  Come check out the entire collection!

Leave us a comment - If you were giving our hello/goodbye mat as a housewarming gift, what would you pair it with? We'll share your awesome suggestions!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Atlanta Market 2014 + C.R. GIBSON

Our new collection for C.R. Gibson is called "{Enjoy} the Little Things!"   It's a combination of paper goods, journals in various styles, photo albums, miniature blank cards and more. 

It debuted in January at the Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market.  We had this cool display right inside the door, in the front window of the C.R. Gibson showroom!

The collection has a variety of sizes of photo albums, journals, and burlap wall art.

These aren't the greatest photos, but the burlap pieces are cool because they have some dimensional pieces to them:
burlap wall art

burlap wall art

Here they are again on the backside of our display.

On this cute little table they had our trinket boxes on display with the gift enclosure cards.  

Intermixed here and there were some old cameras as props!

I don't know why, but I didn't get any photos of the insides of the trinket boxes! The messages continue on the inside of each one!  (Lucky for you, you'll be able to peek inside each box on the C.R. Gibson site!)

Here's a better look at the little enclosure cards.  They are 2x2 inches, blank inside, and come with a coordinating envelope.  They are just darling!

Here's what the backside of the display looked like:

journals, photo albums, and that yellow book has sticky notes inside!

these cubes are for a few of your favorite snapshots

photo frames

Lock and key diaries

tiny sitting blocks with messages

view from the hallway, looking in the window

We feel so blessed to have the opportunity to work with this great company!

If you are a retailer interested in adding this brand new line to your store, visit the C.R. Gibson wholesale site or find/contact your local sales rep.

Customers, wonderful news for you!  This entire collection is now available for purchase directly from the C.R. Gibson website!