Friday, December 10, 2010

Even MORE Pictures of "This Thing Called Family!!!"

Hope you're not getting tired of us, but we just added even MORE new pics to our "Demdaco Line" tab on our menu bar at the top of our blog.  This is the first time we've shown these pics!   These are items that were NOT at the open house, and that many of you have been waiting to see:  mirrors, pillows (including owls!), crosses, ornaments (with wings, of course) AND Lazy Susans!  I'm hoping that this sneak peek will entice you to go check it all out:

Just click on the picture or the link above to see the new pics!

There are STILL a few items out there that we haven't added to our Demdaco Line tab yet:  items that were at our open house that will get photographed individually and added soon, including sculptures,  and an item or two from all the other categories!

1 comment:

  1. I NEED that Table Manners Lazy Susan! Why, oh why, must I wait?!!