Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Giveaway #2 Revealed!

Here is another cute little giveaway for our Open House coming up this Friday evening and Saturday! It's a cute little house constructed of antique children's blocks, made by Mama Winger! Didn't you love to stack blocks as a kid? I did and I guess I still do! So the message LOVE is displayed to remind us to love stacking blocks, love one another, love cute little houses.....did I mention it's cute and little? It is! 

Come to our open house, sign up for a chance to win this and other prizes and bring your friends. Tell everyone you know that we've got cute little things and lots of wonderful bigger things never seen before! Plus treats and hot apple cider.  It's going to be fu-unn!

If you'd like an email invite, look over to the left in the sidebar.  "Subscribe" by adding your email address to our list and you'll be sent invitations to our next shows, including the Holiday Open House this weekend!  

If you live faraway, we're thinking about you too!  Next week, Monday or Tuesday, we'll be having a Facebook sale - just in time for gift-giving!

More giveaway reveals to come later on this week!   

Monday, December 1, 2014

First Open House Giveaway Revealed!

All this week we're revealing the prizes that will be at our Holiday Open House - this weekend!

We'll be drawing names for several original pieces after the weekend is over. So when you come, be sure to put your name in the "hat!" First up is this cute 8x10 Things With Wings' canvas made by Jill.

If you'd like the details to our Iowa City Open House, look over to the left side bar and sign up to get an invite sent directly to your email. 
Feel free to spread the Christmas Cheer and invite (share this post with) your friends!