Friday, May 6, 2011

Cloth Paper Scissors STUDIOS Summer Issue!!

We have some exciting news!

WE are in the newest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors STUDIOS magazine! 

It's the summer edition and it just came out. We received our copies yesterday, so it should be on the newstands soon if it isn't already!  Three copies all arrived at my (Jill's) house but I was under strict orders to not open the package until we could all look at it about torture!

Here's what the cover looks like:

We are in the special Mother-Daughter section :-)  Our names are over there on the left, along with some other fabulous mothers and daughters.  Mamma Winger's flower made it on the title page of that section!

We have 4 pages (p 58-61) inside this section where we tell more of the Things With Wings story of why we do what we do and the inside scoop on + pictures of each of our three studios! You'll have to run out and buy a copy to see for yourselves!

Here you can see the table of contents and all the good stuff this issue has:StudiosSumm2011TOC

We owe Samantha Bender of SB Photography a big THANK-YOU for taking pictures of each of our studios!

You can purchase the summer edition here!  You can usually find it at bookstores and arts and crafts stores too! 

*Stay tuned Monday because we will start ANOTHER exciting giveaway of "This Thing Called Family" product!!!  


  1. Fun! I will totally get that because of you guys. YAY for you.

  2. I saw one of your products on TV yesterday! Mahaska Drug (in Oskaloosa?) had a commercial about some of the Mother's Day gifts they carry, and your "MOMS ROCK" piece was one of the gifts they showed (it was on the screen for a few seconds; thanks to my DVR I could rewind and pause it just to make sure).

  3. that's amazing, Rachel! And thanks, Jennifer!

  4. Y'all are my inspiration!! I was so excited when I got my issue of Studios that I had to share it with y'all on your facebook page :) Blessings :)

  5. Mucho, mucho congrats on the article ladies! Can't wait to get my copy!!! I LOVE Studios magazine! There's something so great about seeing the workspaces of other artists! Way to go!

  6. Congratulations!! I really enjoyed looking at all 3 of your studios. Isn't it exciting to be in the magazine? I'm on page 135.

  7. Love your studios - all 3 of them!! Isn't exciting to be in the magazine? I'm on page 135 - can't believe they chose my little space.