Friday, November 30, 2012

Today is THE Day! Open House and Final Giveaway Announced!

We hope, hope, hope you are planning on coming to our Holiday Open House TONIGHT or TOMORROW!
Today I (Jill) am going to show you a few of my newest works and show you the final giveaway, from me!
There will be a ton of these houses - which were a big hit last year!

and some wonky, crazy houses that bear a startling resemblance to my own (in spirit):

and artwork to spark your creativity:

and artwork that celebrates love and courage:

Artwork in all shapes and sizes!
little art blocks

And so, so much more!

You really have to see it to believe it!

And now, here's the final giveaway!  This "Be Kind" reminder:


Hours tonight are 4-7pm
Hours tomorrow (Saturday) are 10-4.

So excited to see you all!

Oh!  And guess what?!  You'll be the FIRST ones to preview all of the new items that will be releasing in January with our line, "This Thing Called Family!"  How do you like them apples?!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Laura's Stuff (and giveaway #4!)

Here are a few things that will be for sale at our open house, but there is a TRUCKLOAD more that we just can't put on here. Time just does not allow it and I have brownies to bake and furniture to move! I just realized all the pieces I posted are all in "my color pallette". I apologize. I do, in fact, work with warm colors on occassion.

AND GIVEAWAY #4 WILL BE.............

See you this weekend! Can't wait!!!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's Connie's Turn! (Giveaway #3 Revealed!)

Whoa, that's me!  OK, here is a sampling of items that will be at our Things With Wings Open House this weekend.  (unless they get sold right off the bat!) One might want to consider a plan of attack to get the best picks. However pushing, shoving, & tackling will not be allowed!
just sayin'....
                                Ya gotta have FAITH!  get it, give it, keep it . . .

             I will have several different alphabets in the long skinny format.  So popular and fun!
                                  Full of inspirational words -  26 words!!!

          A colorful reminder to slow down and pay attention to The One in charge.
                                       Hint: It's not you (or me!)

                             Random block signs - just for the fun of it!

             Painted on wood and tin.  Sit 'em somewhere and conversation will take off from there.

Fabric and paper banners/garlands to brighten up your life at home or work or wherever you can get away with hanging 'em! Hang one on somebody's car for a surprise?!  maybe.

       Original one of a kind lazy susans.  There are only 3.  Early bird catches the worm, ya know!

           Felted wool mittens.  They are so cute - they don't have to match your coat, right?  right!

   Little hanging angels of fabric and paper - to hang anywhere - anywhere - think of the possibilities!

I will have a big heap of "raggedy bracelets" along with some "raggedy scarves". Cute as a dickens, huh?

Just look at these long tall gals. . . just waiting to make eye contact with the right person who will absolutely have to take it with them.  Again, only 3 and then they'll be gone.  BAM! Just like that! 

And now, presenting . . . my give-away item is the scarf below.  It's funky, colorful, sassy, and so much fun!  Hey, that pretty much describes my friends!  I love them (and this scarf).

Need the address for this weekend?  Email us at

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Meet Shadley of Dizzy Mama Window Paintings!

Today we'll introduce you to the next artist friend who will be at our Holiday Open House this weekend!  Meet Shadley Grimes of Dizzy Mamma Window Paintings!  She will be bringing her original abstract window paintings which we just love!  (Green Girl and I each have several in our own homes!)  Here's Shadley:
Hi, I'm Shadley Grimes, a.k.a. "Dizzy Mama"!  I started painting and drawing when I was in middle school after I saw the work of the famous French artist Henri Matisse.  After that, I was hooked on abstraction and color.  I studied Studio Art at the University of Iowa before becoming a stay at home mom ten years ago.  Over the years, as my life has changed shape, so have my paintings.  My work today is typically brightly colored shapes (some recognizeable and others are not) that repeat and move on the space.  I utilize old windows as my "canvas" because it gives the work a rustic finish and puts to use something that would otherwise end up in the landfill.  You will see many themes in my work, but most of them revolve around faith, family, nature, heritage, and love.  Thanks for looking!  You can also visit me on my Facebook page at Dizzy Mama Window Paintings!

Here are some pics of Shadley's colorful paintings:

Shadley just created a brand new facebook page for her art, so go check it out and like it!  You'll get to see more pictures, and we know she'd appreciate it!

If you'd like to come to our open house this weekend in Iowa City, email us at and we'll send you an invite with the address!

*You can meet the other two new artists who will be at our open house by visiting our last two blog posts!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Meet Shannon from Peace of Mind! And Giveaway #2!

We are so excited to introduce you to our next new artist friend who will be with us at our Holiday Open House in Iowa City this weekend!!!  Meet Shannon from Peace of Mind!
Shannon and Jason Schoon are the owners and creators of Peace of Mind.  Shannon designs and creates every piece of jewelry and art glass by hand. From a very young age she had an obsession with rocks, buttons, and beads in every color. In college she studied and received her degree in Interior Design. She has also studied art at the University of Iowa and with local artists. Jason is the technical designer and finance manager for Peace of Mind, as well as assisting in shipping of orders. 
Shannon and Jason have 6 beautiful children, one of them an angel in heaven. When preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome caused the loss of their 4th child, they decided to pursue adopting from South Korea to complete their family. Later they were surprised with a sibling to their adopted son and brought him home as well. These life experiences have inspired many of Shannon’s designs. This includes many memorial pieces to help grieving parents, as well as jewelry that celebrates adoption and family.
 Here are examples of her work:
click here to read the story behind this meaningful piece.

 In Shannon's own words:
Who is in your heart? What gives you your peace of mind? We take those sentiments and turn them into beautiful, personalized jewelry you can wear close to you. Our line includes mother’s jewelry as well as memorial, adoption celebration, and charity causes. We also offer one-of-a-kind gifts in colorful glass that will awe your loved ones or beautify your own decor.

more details on how this piece was made

more info here 

more info on the meaning behind this special piece

Shannon also makes fused glass trays, plates, bowls and pendants:

Y'all are in luck because Shannon has generously provided a beautiful fused glass necklace (below) to give away at our Holiday Open House!  
Giveaway! This fused glass pendant comes on a silk cord.

Thank you for your generosity, Shannon!

You can find Shannon on her website, her Peace of Mind facebook page, (go "like" her now to get all her updates!) her Etsy shop and at her email:

Need the address for our Open House?  Email us at and we'll send it right out to you!

RSVP to our event through Facebook and you'll be able invite your facebook friends too! Plus, you'll be sure to get all of the updates + giveaway peeks this week!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Introducing Wreaths by Emma Ruth!!! And Giveaway #1 Revealed!

We're having a HUGE Holiday Art Open House in Iowa City this coming weekend!  

There will be a variety of unique, handmade items for sale so you can get a bunch of Christmas shopping done all in one place!  We'll have original, handmade artwork by all three of us here at "Things With Wings", plus the work of some new friends  -----Like the meaningful handmade work of "Peace of Mind Jewelry and Glass" by Shannon Schoon, the Original Paintings of Shadley Grimes and the yarn and textile talents of "Wreaths by Emma Ruth" by Emily Meyer (who you'll get to meet in just a minute!)  We'll also have yummy desserts and drawings for at least FIVE giveaways!  So why wouldn't you come?!

Click on the green postcard to the left to RSVP and get updates via facebook!

Friday Nov 30: 4pm,-7pm
Saturday Dec 1: 10am-4pm

South side of Iowa City.  If you'd like to receive an invite or get the address info, email us at and we'll send it out to you pronto!

We are so excited about this week leading up to the grand event - we are going to introduce you to each of the artists that will be joining us!  

You'll want to be sure to check back here every day - you'll also get to find out about the giveaways you can enter when you come on Friday or Saturday!

*The first artist you'll get to meet is Emily Meyer!  Here she is:

Hello everyone!  My name is Emily Meyer and I'm the owner of Wreaths By Emma Ruth.  I started my business just about 2 years ago, shortly after my son was born.  After he was born I became a stay at home Mom but did not know how to sit still.  My creative mind would not stop and so I began working on wreaths.  I must confess, my first wreath was a disaster!  After a few, I got the hang of my style and what I wanted my wreaths to look like.  I love different textures and colors and try to mix and match combinations that you would not typically think of.  I offer yarn wreaths and I also make yarn letters.  Here are a few of my favorite wreaths and letters I have done in the past:

Here are a few of the wreaths that will be at the open house: 

You can see MANY more of the wreaths (each one is unique!) that Emily will have for sale in this awesome facebook album.  There's even a Hawkeye wreath and Christmas wreaths!  

Be sure to like her facebook page while you're there so you can see her updates!

*Emily has generously offered a giveaway for the open house!  Don't forget to put your name in the drawing when you come this weekend. The winner will receive 10 of these fun glass magnets like pictured below! 

Thanks for your generosity, Emily!

You can find Emily at her Wreaths by Emma Ruth Facebook page, her Etsy Shop or her email,

Come back tomorrow for another artist introduction and giveaway reveal!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Gallery Wall

I put together a new gallery wall in our living room!  I had the family tree up for a while, but it was looking lonely.  I decided to gather (and paint) some thrift frames and clipboards to showcase some special prints that i'd been collecting and had won from some of my favorite artists' giveaways!

Life Story: Deborah Mori, Letter "B:"  Deep in the Heart Mosaic,  Bird print on clipboard: Jessica Swift, Romans 8:28 by Hidden in my HeART

Our Family Tree: Me,  "Life doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful": Me

Celebrate Life: Deborah Mori, "To Be Brave:" Mae Chevrette

framed "b": Me,  bird print on clipboard: Jessica Swift, "Be Kind to Others:" Katie Daisy

"Life is the journey": Deborah Mori, "Instamatic": thrift store for $1.50!