Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

My Mom made this a few years ago, and I had to have one for my very own. He has very nice teeth. I only just got it hung up today. Whew! Just in time!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Getting Ready

Slowly but surely I am sorting through all of my artwork in preparation for our first show of the holiday season on November 3rd in Ankeny. Here is a sneak peek of the few new things I'll have. I'll post again with more pictures soon.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Confused or maybe not!

This hangs in my bedroom near the doorway leading into the master bathroom. It's very visible as I ready myself for the I'm trying to wake I'm trying to figure out what day it I'm trying to figure out what to I'm taking inventory of I have everything on? She looks kind of like me and I know she feels like I do alot of the time!!! Anyone in their 50's understand what I'm talking about?!? It's ok. It really is!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Life Lesson

This is the door to my workroom. It keeps reminding me that this is not a dress rehearsal, it's my real life! My spirit is in agreement - I want to have the time of my life, but my body often says, whoa, I'm tired here!!! So I have to slow down more often than I want to. It's frustrating sometimes, but I thank God I can go at all!!! I feel this urgency though to live and love with a passion. Good stuff for all of us to think about. Go ahead, live it up! You know you want to!!!

God Made Everything...

My boys brought home these flowers from AWANA's to illustrate the concept that God made everything beautiful. And aren't we glad?! I'm so amazed by God's creativity, and that He would allow me to be just the tiniest bit so. I'm also seeing evidence that my kids are very creative beings. For instance Will noticed that this flower looks like a lady. Yep, it sure does!!! This gal reminds me of two things: the flowers in a disney movie - I think it's Alice in Wonderland, and this site that Laura found: Faces in Places. (Maybe I should submit it?!) Would I have taken the time to notice this sweet bud on my own? Most probably not. It's so awesome when we can be delighted by the unexpected. Even more so when it's revealed to us through the eyes of our children.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Tin Foil-Like Cover and a Guitar (random, but not so random title)

So I'm feeling the pressure to contribute a picture of my "workspace". Whatever that looks like...I guess here is a picture of what my floor looks like in my bedroom. Sorry, no undies Laura!It usually consists of some clothes, which you can see in the way back, along with one very cute Madden Girl red shoe that I got at DSW for $7.00 regularly $45. (I did get both shoes not just the one...not sure where the other one is right now, probably on the other side of the room!)
It also consists of my computer and my bible (which is on the left hand side that I covered in a tin foil like cover) and notebook with lots of loose papers of my writing. I love to write and have lots of thoughts, quotes, verses, songs, sentences, words that are expressions of who I am, I guess. Also my guitar that I like to play, but don't feel very good at yet.
So there it is. My "workspace" is me. Different, but me. Messy, like the others, but me.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Organized Chaos

Not to be outdone (or outshamed,) here's what my work space looks like lately. And unfortunately not much has moved or changed in months (having a baby does that.) I'll get back to it someday! It really is organized chaos. Let me let you in on a little secret. When you see pictures on TV or in magazines of artists' work spaces and they're all painstakingly organized and tidy, don't be fooled. That's not real. They worked their butts off to create the illusion of perfection for one tiny, solitary moment in time. You can bet that the reality looks much different, or else they're not really accomplishing anything art-wise. THIS, my friends, THIS is the real nitty-gritty, true life, day-in-day-out look of an artist's space. Just tellin' it like it is, folks.

Child of God

I made these signs saying "Child of God" for Max's room before he was born. It's taken me this long (9 plus weeks) to get them hung up! They look really nice above his crib, because that wall doesn't seem so big and bare anymore. I wanted to carry the "polka dot" idea over onto the solid wall, without going overboard with yet more polka dots. I think it turned out nice.
Here's what the rest of the room looks like:
A mobile I made: The polka dot wall only took an extra 2 hours, due to the spilled paint on the carpet:
Max's favorite place - the changing table (mom made the skirt):

Creative People Are Rarely Tidy.

Here is one wall of my tiny workroom. Yes, it is cluttered all the time - must be that I like it that way, because everytime I clean it up, it doesn't stay that way very long.
This is me in the corner - can you see me? I'm there somewhere. . . among the funky stuff.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sneak Peek from Laura.

Home Sweet Home.

I'm always intrigued by looking at artist's workspaces. I think it says a lot about the person. That being said, I'm a little less than enthused about my "area" or in all reality, the kitchen closet. Kindly notice the brooms stashed in every which way and of course, every artist needs a crock pot handy !?! I'm hoping mom and Jill will take me lead and do a post on their work spaces. They are both lucky enough to have art rooms. Honestly, a lot of people would enter their art rooms and run away screaming, but I feel otherwise. It is a controlled chaos, if you will. Surprises in every nook and cranny. I guarantee, contrary to appearance, they know right where everything is. I could sit in their room for hours and just look around. I will let them tell you about it themselves. C'mon need to be shy. I hope to someday have my 'own space' where I don't have to clean up all my junk just so I can make supper, but it's unfortunately not in the near future! Posted by: Laura