Laura, Connie, Jill and Emily
We are Things With Wings!

Laura McCarragher, Connie Berends, and Jill Brown are a mother-and-daughters artist force from Iowa City, Iowa who have been creating and showing their work together for over 10 years. The creative trio has taken their painting to a new level by incorporating paper and other mixed media that fuse elements of collage and paint. With their love for words, patterns and color, they’ve developed their own special techniques for achieving the unique look that Things With Wings has today. Their work is full of hope, humor and whimsy and celebrates faith and family. Their goal is to give glory to God by using positive and encouraging messages that not only speak truth into their own lives but others' as well.  It's a privilege they don't take lightly and are thankful for every day!

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Connie (mother): Creative Works

Laura (classic middle child): Green Girl Designs

Jill (Oldest daughter, but not by much): Paper Prayers

Emily (the baby): Singer/Songwriter and occasional blog contributor (ask her, and maybe she'll post a song!)

We bring our individual work together for shows and festivals.
Together we are THINGS WITH WINGS! 

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