Sunday, December 5, 2010

Open House was a Success!

 Thank You, Thank You, Thank YOU!  - To all who came to our open house on Saturday!  We had a crowd of people all day long!  We hope you all found some one-of-a-kind Christmas gifts!  It was so good to see all of your smiling faces.  Giveaway winners were picked Saturday night and winners will be notified by each artist soon, if they haven't been already!

It's a lot of work to get ready for the open house, but oh so worth it!  We started Thursday night by emptying Laura's main floor of furniture into their garage and bringing in our display racks!  Friday we spent most of the day setting up our work, and helping our artist friends as they arrived with theirs.

This fun tree is always our centerpiece for our treat table:

 Special name tags for all our artists:

Lots of fun little things on shelves:

Finger Corsages:

Our giveaway table:

We had so much fun hanging out with our artist friends!  They all have great senses of humor and it's like hanging out with EIGHT sisters instead of two!   I swear some of us may have been separated at birth.  Here's a peek at their work.

Keri's paintings:

Marnie's accessories: headbands, pins, scarves, mittens. 

Shadley's paintings.  She had some of her originals scanned at a super high quality and made into cards:  Great Idea!

Bird's Eye view - and unfortunately the only shot I got of Diana and Marissa's jewelry!

We had such a successful turnout - our best yet!  This pic above was right at 10 when we 'opened!'  and not even how crazy crowded it really got later!  I was too busy later to even take pictures!

Everyone was so excited to see our new DEMDACO line: "This Thing Called Family" - which sorry, but it really deserves its own special post, so you'll have to wait to see pictures!  Aren't I the tease! 

Anyway, since we had such a great time - here's what we're contemplating for next year:  adding a Friday night shopping time to our open house in addition to our regular Saturday hours, and possibly having it somewhere else larger.  Problem is, Where?  What do you guys think?  We'd appreciate your feedback and any ideas of where we could have it next year.    Wouldn't it be fun to have some kind of musical entertainment and be able to host even more artists and encourage them in their work?!


  1. um...I'm just sayin'...if you want to fly me in for the weekend I could give y'all some musical entertainment!! the youngest winger represented! just sayin'...

  2. Looks like a lot of fun

  3. Splendid idea, Emily, then you could just stay here through Christmas and winter with us! yes!