Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lincoln Highway Festival

This past Saturday was the Lincoln Highway Festival in the little town of Mt. Vernon. They have the cutest downtown area.
Here we are, all set up, ready to go! The skies alternated between overcast and sunny. We did not get any rain until tear down time!

Our friend and fellow artist, Keri had a booth behind us. Here she is, goofing off for my picture, isn't she cute?! More on her and her fabulous art below~

Our booths were back to back in the middle of the street - something we'd not done before - so that we faced the shops. Good for their downtown businesses!

A fun little shop with random things, that we faced:
Our kids' principal's name is Mr. Bacon. I love him and all, but $30?! Maybe I should have gotten him the handerpants instead....

I'm very pleased with this camera angle - very flattering! Me and my Green Girl Sissy:

Green Girl made me take a picture of this quaint drinking fountain. I have no idea if it really works, but who has this in their downtowns?! Love it!

And here's Keri again with her artwork. She paints on old windows and incorporates collage elements as well. They are simply wonderful! Go check out her site, for lots of better pictures: Creative Genius Art and be sure to tell her you stopped by!

Etsy Update!

Four new items are in the Paper Prayers etsy shop today! Come check it out!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Funky Finds

We were featured last week over at Funky Finds! We love their motto: "They once were funky lost, but now they are funky found! Featuring funky finds from indie artists, crafters, and designers worldwide." Check it out!

First Assembly

We were so excited when we were contacted by the good people at First Assembly in Cedar Rapids to do a showing of our work in their coffee shop - Higher Grounds. Their goal in displaying artwork in their church coffee shop is to inspire others and to create a greater interest in releasing the arts - all kinds - in worship. Their efforts have been very well received by their congregation. Our work will be up starting the first weekend in October, for about the following 5 weeks. During this time, we will go visit one Sunday for a 'meet and greet!' We are so thrilled and honored by this opportunity - to get to share with and encourage others. Here are the pieces that we are planning to show:

"Home is Where My Heart Is."

"Seek Wisdom" SOLD

"It's Not the Home I Love, But the Life That's Lived There."


"Family Tree" {unfinished}

"It's an Awesome Thing" {unfinished}

"Our Family Rules" {unfinished} SOLD

"What We Do in our Home" SOLD

"From Joshua"

"Beautiful Feet"

"In our Home"


"God Knows Where We Live"

"Live for Today"

"Fruits of the Spirit"

"Awake my Soul and Sing"

"Delight Yourself in the Lord"


"I Can Do All Things"

"Fishers of Men"

Not pictured: "No Greater Love" cross (13 x 17)

"Love Lives Here"

"Life is God's Gift" and "The Longing"

"I Was Made for Another World."

"Bring Your Own Sunshine" and "The Best Thing" (BOTH SOLD)

"His and Mine" and "Hope for Tomorrow"

"You Cannot Control Everything" and "The Art of Living"

"Dress in the Wardrobe God Picked Out for You."

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Decoupage 101.

On page 3 of "Decoupaging For Dummies", it clearly states NOT to Mod Podge your artwork to your kitchen counter. It makes husbands very annoyed.

In Case You Didn't Know...

{...and it helps if you have a cute pair of shoes, too.}

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Attention, everyone. I have an announcement to make. Greengirl has won the 'Mother Of The Year' award this week as she prepared for the art show this weekend. This win was clinched after the following statement by little L, Greengirl's daughter...

"Mom, would you please stop playing art and be my friend?"

After Greengirl pulled the knife out of her heart, she got the message loud and clear....there ARE more important things than art!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Lincoln Highway Festival

Saturday September 26th,
We'll be at the Lincoln Highway Festival
Main Street, Mt. Vernon, Iowa
from 9-4!

Come Join Us!

{& Pray for NO RAIN!}

Monday, September 21, 2009

Mod-Podge ROCKS!

Our blogger friend Amy has a very cool website called Mod-Podge Rocks and today we are being featured! She showcases all kinds of cool projects and uses for our favorite product: Mod-Podge! Go over and visit and say hi! *While you're there, be sure to enter the giveaway she's having for a mod-podge starter pack!

Riverssance was a SUCCESS!!!

We are home from our weekend at Riverssance! It was a great time: beautiful weather - (right up until it rained at tear down time,) good sales, and of course lots of laughter!

***If you are a first time visitor to our blog, we WELCOME you! We had so much fun visiting with all of you Quad Cities folks - you are a friendly bunch! Please look around and be sure to sign up to "follow" our blog and/or join us on facebook so we can stay in touch!!! We would LOVE it if you'd leave us a comment, just saying hi- so we know you stopped by!!!

Here are the highlights of the weekend:

our view of the ole miss:
a rare 'never before seen' look at the inner workings 'behind the scenes'. LOOK at how much space we had behind us for all our stuff!

a new sign (courtesy of mom):
don't they look like they're having fun? We had the BEST spot: a breeze from the river and shade all day!
Whoa! what's this?!
don't you hate it when your hammer, string, marker, pen, wire, and bag of tags get all tangled up?!
good thing she recovers gracefully!
and then there's this poor unfortunate soul who got picked on by gnats all day. it was an unfortunate combination of perfume, a velcro-y sweater, and some green-loving, suicidal gnats. it was like they couldn't help themselves, they just dive bombed her, and once they landed, they were stuck.