Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sturgis Falls Arts and Craft Fair 2012

Perfect = Boring, by Laura

 Last weekend was the Sturgis Falls Arts And Craft Fair in Cedar Falls.  It was NOT the perfect weather-- it was HOT!  But the day was anything but boring! We had a great spot on the end where we could spread out a bit, there was a bit of shade from a tree and we occasionally got a glimpse of a cross-breeze that people further down didn't get. We enjoyed strawberry smoothies in the hottest part of the day and amused ourselves with ice cubes, cold water bottles from the cooler and a spray bottle fan from Disney World.

Many of our favorite special customers made appearances!  We are considering a frequent flyer club or a punch card or SOME kind of special perks for those repeat customers who are brave enough to come back again and again.  ;-)  At the least, we probably should have misted them with our fan! Did I mention it was HOT-a-la-leela!   

Here are some highlights of our booth:

Mamma Winger (Connie) created several skinny abc's that all sold right away! Plus she had some new dolls for sale.
Ya gotta love those mustachioed fellas!

That's me (Jill) in the mirror - my apologies to the unsuspecting lady in orange whose bust I unwittingly captured.

stuffed owls by Connie


well hello to you too!  (Laura's bird) (Sold)

A crowd favorite that everyone who came into our booth had to read out loud: "No whining (ever.) -sincerely your parents."

"Always take your rainbows with you."  Ask Connie if you'd like to know exactly how one would go about doing this. :-)

Yes, I believe that bird is wearing a purple bustier.

bird by Laura

by Connie on the left, Jill on the right.  Both sold.

Rocks with words and images, by Connie


True Story!!!  We love that the owl on this piece by Laura is made from fabric! (Sold)

Abc's of Life by Connie (Sold!)

Good advice for kids AND adults:  "Go outside and play."  by Laura

signs and angels made from upholstery fabric samples, by Connie

We love us some Jesus!  -by Laura

yup.  -by Laura it me your looking for? (sung in Lionel Richie style)

by Connie
For Reals! (by Laura)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Gift, Gourmet & Decor

Giftware News' digital magazine, "Gift, Gourmet & Decor" includes an article this month called "Looking For Some Inspiration," (p. 24).  There's a whole section on DEMDACO - which explains Demdaco's mission to connect with artists who have an "authentic voice or a genuinely soulful approach to art" to develop lines that "resonate with consumers on a very personal level."

Ahhh, can we tell you how it makes our hearts sing that Demdaco's mission for authenticity is the same as ours?!  This company is truly unique - and we are so grateful that it is!  Their approach is to connect with us (and other authentic artists who are working from their hearts) and in turn we are (hopefully) able to put work out there that is not only meaningful to us, but that you all can relate to too.  It's kind of this big circle of love! :-) This is the secret behind Demdaco's success and the reason they're #1 in the gift industry!

This article recognizes our line "This Thing Called Family" as one that's resonating with consumers, which is awesome and affirming news!  You all know that our line centers around the theme of family values and our quirky everyday, not-so-perfect family lives.  So maybe our own families are more "normal" than we think they are if ya'll are enjoying TTCF too!  :-)

Anyway, we're thrilled to be mentioned!  You can view the digital magazine here, by flipping to page 24. 

  *The wall art pictured above, "I am...", is a popular piece of wall art that released this year from TTCF.  When I created this piece I was thinking about how often and easily I can forget all of the positive things that make me unique.  And I know that there are bunches of other girls out there - both young and old - who need these reminders too. I can imagine this piece hanging in our bathrooms, right next to our mirrors so that when we're tempted to be critical, we can instead be reassured and lifted up.  :-)

You can find it for sale right here!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sturgis Falls Arts and Crafts Fair!

TODAY in Cedar Falls!

We're in Cedar Falls, Iowa for the 37th annual  
Sturgis Falls Celebration, Arts and Crafts Fair!!

Here are the deets:

Today only, Sunday June 24th!
10am - 4pm

In the streets surrounding Overman Park
(3rd, Clay & Franklin), Cedar Falls Iowa.

Once we get there and get set up, we'll try to post more details on our facebook page about where our space is exactly!  

Come join us!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Here are just a FEW of the items going up for auction this Friday night at the fundraiser for Jack Z. (You know the one I've been talking about. It's in North Liberty, 85 Jones Blvd. 5:30-7:30.)  There are many more wonderful pieces of art that will be there for you to see and bid on.  oooooooh,  I think I see  an ABC back there!

Monday, June 11, 2012

HOPE for Jack

Check out this 24X24 beauty!  It could be yours if you attend the Jack Zschiesche fundraiser on June 22, 5:30-7:30, 1st United Methodist Church, 85 Jones Boulevard, North Liberty.  We at Things With Wings are conducting a silent auction of our own original artwork, some pieces from our DEMDACO This Thing Called Family, along with work from a few of our artist friends in the area.  This is a great opportunity to get some creative, fun art and at the same time help out a family whose young boy is considered a miracle child and is on the long road to recover from several brain surgeries.  And come to the spaghetti dinner.....lots of good homemade desserts included!!!  We love this boy and you will, too!


Here are some recent Instagram favs:

(Instagram is a free phone app that takes really fun pictures with a whole variety of filters and effects. You can follow us by searching thingswithwings.  Leave your user name and we'll follow you back!)

art show

sold out houses!

windows that really open!

artsy garden


reading some classic nursery rhymes


hard to remember sometimes.

3 legged race winners!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

We're Helping Jack!

I am blessed to be a part of this fundraising project for a former art student of mine. This family has really been through the toughest of times and it isn't over. We at Things With Wings want to show our love and support for them. If any of our followers want to get on board in any capacity, it would be a wonderful show of God's love for His people. Just contact one of us Wingers.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New "This Thing Called Family" for June 2012!

We are so happy to introduce you to the latest items releasing this month for our Demdaco collection, "This Thing Called Family!"  Of course we love a good 'beauty shot!'

We try to be pretty practical around here, and just like you, we're in the trenches of living family life.  Which is why we're so darn excited about all of these fun, but also useful new items for your home!

"Time of Your Life" wall clock

"Grow Happy" family tree magnetic board with leaf magnets

"Hang it Up, Please" board with pegs

"Happy Family" weekly chalkboard

Rejoice Mobile

"Celebrate Each Day" Wooden Bowl

Since our other 3 lazy susans have been such a hit, we decided to add a new one! 
Happy Family Lazy Susan

"Time to Fly" desk clock

And of course, more lovely wall art!
"I Love you this much" wall art

"Love Lives Here" Wall art

"People I Love" wall art

"Awesome Journey" wall art

3 houses, sold separately, can sit or hang

"Happy Heart" wall art

"Family" decorative word, can sit or hang

"Love" decorative word, can sit or hang

"Home" decorative word, can sit or hang