Sunday, December 26, 2010

After the Big Day

 Now that the "big day" is over with, I can share some special orders I had the privilege of doing.  I LOVE being a part of meaningful gift giving!  Makes my hearts full!

For some wonderful Grandmas and Mothers

Family home pieces

Family trees
There are a few more out there I just didn't have the time to photograph or that haven't been given yet.

We hope you all had a good, relaxing Christmas and that you're all recovering nicely!  We're having a great time here with a nice long visit from our youngest winger.  We've been playing games, visiting, laughing, and eating way too much.

We're anxious for the new year to begin.  You all know why!  What do you think your 2011will look like?

Do you all make new years resolutions? 


  1. merry christmas..
    love your heartfelt commissions!

  2. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a great new year. I am hoping good things will happen for me this year. I love your ladies!