Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Giveaway #5

Giveaway #5 is brought to you by me, Jill - one of your Things With Wings gals!  This wood piece would look perfect in an entryway for guests to read and take to heart.....or in your mudroom/garage/backdoor entry area if it's your OWN family who needs the kick in the rear!   It measures 9 x 25 1/2 inches and is made from patterned paper and paint.

You already know lots about us.  But here's a few random things I bet you didn't know:
  • I'm addicted to the holiday mint m&m's
  • we just "finished" a major kitchen remodel that started at the beginning of the school year and got carpet for the entire house.  I'm so proud of how hard my husband has been working to do all of the work himself.  And am totally indebted to my father in law for all of his help.  I use the term "finish" loosely because there's still so many odds and ends and reorganization to be done now.  Stuff that got thrown in boxes is STILL sitting in boxes.  And as long as it's out of my way, it's staying right where it is until the open house is over!  
  • My current favorite paint color (it's always changing) is "gilded oak" by Folk Art. 
  •  I developed a stress-induced eye twitch a few months back when our middle son started going through some random weird health issues, and it's probably not going away until after the holidays!
  • I played the clarinet in high school and one of my life regrets is turning down my acceptance into the University of Iowa Hawkeye marching band in order to move out and work instead.
  • I have a really hideous looking bruise the size of my hand on my shin and I'm not entirely sure how it got there.  Green Girl made me show it to our sister Emily via skype on Thanksgiving.  It was a touching family holiday moment.
 Told you it was going to be random ....and maybe too much information too! 
Anyway, you can win the piece above by coming to our Open House THIS Saturday and entering your name in the drawing!  Scroll down to see all the other great prizes and watch out for TWO more prizes yet to be announced!


  1. YES, Rachel- but only at Christmas and not every store carries them. I found mine at hy-vee. Look for a green bag in the m&m section of the holiday candy.