Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lincoln Highway Festival

This past Saturday was the Lincoln Highway Festival in the little town of Mt. Vernon. They have the cutest downtown area.
Here we are, all set up, ready to go! The skies alternated between overcast and sunny. We did not get any rain until tear down time!

Our friend and fellow artist, Keri had a booth behind us. Here she is, goofing off for my picture, isn't she cute?! More on her and her fabulous art below~

Our booths were back to back in the middle of the street - something we'd not done before - so that we faced the shops. Good for their downtown businesses!

A fun little shop with random things, that we faced:
Our kids' principal's name is Mr. Bacon. I love him and all, but $30?! Maybe I should have gotten him the handerpants instead....

I'm very pleased with this camera angle - very flattering! Me and my Green Girl Sissy:

Green Girl made me take a picture of this quaint drinking fountain. I have no idea if it really works, but who has this in their downtowns?! Love it!

And here's Keri again with her artwork. She paints on old windows and incorporates collage elements as well. They are simply wonderful! Go check out her site, for lots of better pictures: Creative Genius Art and be sure to tell her you stopped by!


  1. What a dream come true to be at a show where you are displaying your work! Looks like you had super fun!!

  2. I just had to comment on this post! I grew up in Mt. Vernon, and I miss it tons! Thanks for sharing the pictures with everyone, and I hope you had a great show!

  3. Who is that weirdo showing off her man arms in that photo.....eek! I'm glad I had the privileged of being "boothed" behind you. I hope you did well. I had a blast.