Monday, September 14, 2009

Rise & Shine

So...Emily here...the littlest (but not so little) things with wings girl. I rarely have much to contribute to this blog...I don't make fun cutesy things...but I make music.
Just wanted to share a post I wrote on my blog about a new song by one of our worship leaders at my church in Austin.

One of our worship leaders, Andy Melvin, recently wrote a new song for the church. We sang it yesterday and I could really feel the Spirit move powerfully through the words of this song...challenging people to step up and be the hands and feet of Christ. Here are the words...
We were once Your enemy
Now displayers of Your mercy
Called from darkness into light
To be the very hands and feet of Christ
So in the Name that saves
Let Your love ignite a flame in us

We've got rise and shine
We've got to rise and shine
The light of the world alive in us
The hope of the world alive in us
We've got to rise and shine

To you repairers of the breach
To you restorers of these broken streets
For every hungry tongue
For all injustice done beneath the sun

For the hopeless and the weary
For the broken and the needy
For Your glory, send Your Spirit
And let it rise
Last week Andy asked me to come over and learn the song...little did I know I showed up to "rehearse" at his recording studio and he had a mic and headphones all ready for me to RECORD! what?!
I listened to the song once and hammered out a bgv part and had it recorded in 45 minutes or so!
They attached the recording to the podcast of Matt's sermon (which you should definitely listen to) from yesterday. Check it out here. It's right under the sermon title "Powerful Witness of the Resurrection".
God is stirring up His church to get up and move. It's challenging and hard but SO good.


  1. Fans, click on "rise and shine" right under the sermon title. Wow! You gotta check it out! I always love hearing my youngest winger sing. I am so proud of you, Em!

  2. Beautiful! Lovely background vocals!!