Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Getting Ready....slowly.

Slowly, things are starting to come together at the Greengirl household. I know it will get done, but it's not pretty right now. I'd like to take a moment to thank my husband. I often lovingly call him "AROC" which stands for anal-retentive-obsessive-compulsive. He has a place for everything and is a very neat and tidy person. I'm sure he had no idea this was part of the 'package deal'. He must truly love me! He is overlooking the stacks and piles, the dried up modpodge on the counter and the overall messiness. Thanks Joe.


  1. Lovely work, and yes, husbands who put up with creative clutter deserve an award. Mind you, we have to put up with their tidyness!

  2. If you ever make a flower or tree with "Today I choose joy" on it, I'd love to buy one.


  3. Just when he could begin to get annoyed by your mess, he probably reads those joyful messages on your work, and then gets all warm and fuzzy inside, right Joe? About that time, the $$$ come to mind and he just cleans right around your stuff, sniffling and wiping away the tears of joy.