Saturday, October 3, 2009

First Assembly Showing is UP!

Our work is now officially up at First Assembly of God in Cedar Rapids! We'll be visiting with them for a 'meet the artists' reception during the 10:30 service on October 11. Things With Wings will be up through November 8.
This wall had a nice track system for hanging the pieces by cables. Nice lighting too!

On this wall we used the same cables, but used hooks to anchor to the ceiling tile gridwork.

Here's mother thing with winger:

At their request, we made up some "table tents" with our information on them so that although we are not selling these pieces through this showing, interested people know how to get a hold of us:

Green Girl made up title cards to go with each piece:

We hope to encourage and inspire people through this event and can't wait to visit with everyone next weekend!

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