Monday, September 21, 2009

Riverssance was a SUCCESS!!!

We are home from our weekend at Riverssance! It was a great time: beautiful weather - (right up until it rained at tear down time,) good sales, and of course lots of laughter!

***If you are a first time visitor to our blog, we WELCOME you! We had so much fun visiting with all of you Quad Cities folks - you are a friendly bunch! Please look around and be sure to sign up to "follow" our blog and/or join us on facebook so we can stay in touch!!! We would LOVE it if you'd leave us a comment, just saying hi- so we know you stopped by!!!

Here are the highlights of the weekend:

our view of the ole miss:
a rare 'never before seen' look at the inner workings 'behind the scenes'. LOOK at how much space we had behind us for all our stuff!

a new sign (courtesy of mom):
don't they look like they're having fun? We had the BEST spot: a breeze from the river and shade all day!
Whoa! what's this?!
don't you hate it when your hammer, string, marker, pen, wire, and bag of tags get all tangled up?!
good thing she recovers gracefully!
and then there's this poor unfortunate soul who got picked on by gnats all day. it was an unfortunate combination of perfume, a velcro-y sweater, and some green-loving, suicidal gnats. it was like they couldn't help themselves, they just dive bombed her, and once they landed, they were stuck.


  1. Looks like an event I would have enjoyed thoroughly!


  2. Love the girl with her legs crossed.
    "I hate struggles"--about the hammer, wire, string mess!
    NAST, whatintheworld, hilarious!--about the gnats.

  3. Your stuff is SUPER fun! I'll be keeping you in mind for my Christmas shopping!

  4. Looks like you must have laughed pretty hard...even your little doll is trying to hold it in. Glad to hear it went well. I also got hit by a ton of nats yesterday while on a walk wearing a shirt that was the exact color of that sweater.

  5. Oh you must come to our area. :) YOur booth is exactly the type of booh I am always attracted too. Such pretty things and nice friendly smiles. Glad you all had fun and did well.

  6. Hi girls! Looks like you rocked the quads! Like there was any doubt! Ha! And those gnats...aren't they awful? We've been attacked by them at our house too. Eeek! -Dori