Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Littlest Things with Wingers...

So I'm going to attempt to write a post on this blog....because my mom told me to.
I'm the littlest things with wingers...and I proudly claim to have somehow missed the creative gene that is in my mom and sisters when it comes to making really cool things.
I've tried.
I'm ok with that!
Occasionally...I will get suckered into painting some black and white checkered trims. That's about it!
I guess I got a different gene...a music gene. My creativity comes out through music. It does something to me that I can't really explain.
Now living in Austin, TX "The Live Music Capital of the World", I have grown even more to love the uniqueness of music. Sitting in a coffee shop listening to an acoustic show, or at a small bar with a small stage with the music blasting in your face, an outdoor concert in the middle of the TX summer dripping with sweat, even walking into the grocery store greeted by an HEB employee strumming a guitar.
What I love most about music is how it brings me closer to God. For a reason so unbelievable to me, He chose me and gave me a unique gift to be able to sing and worship Him. He designed and created me with all of these crazy things inside that go nuts about music.
I love being able to sing and make music that bring Him glory. He has created me to do that.
He is good.
So...I'll try and post more on here...even though I have made no cute thing...I can maybe offer some craziness!
Maybe I'll post about going to see Boys II Men on Saturday night. I'm sure it will be legendary.

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  1. I think the folks need a song, Em. So they REALLY know what you're talking about here.