Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thanks to all our New Followers!

My original intentions were that whenever a new commenter or follower joined us here at Things with Wings that they would get the acknowledgment that they so richly deserve - whether that means a visit and comment to their blog, or just a comment here thanking them. It's a big deal to us that people would take the time to actually comment. After all, nobody's FORCING them! That little thrill of anticipation I get every time I open my email - it's because just maybe there'll be a new comment here from you!

So since I've been terrible about reciprocating, please know that we cherish and value all of you. We are so excited that so many of you have found us recently. We hope to get around to visiting with all of you in some form or another in the future. But if we don't, please know that we are so thrilled that you are with us!

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