Thursday, April 23, 2009


I had the privilege to be a small part of a project that a couple of my friends from my church in Austin put together.
They filmed a documentary called "Malatya", on the first martyrs of the Turkish church. Three men were killed because they proclaimed that Jesus was Lord of lords and King of kings. They tell their story and they interview their wives and friends. It is a very powerful and moving story.
I was asked to sing and record a version of the song "I Will Sing" by Rich Mullins. My friend Jimmy and I recorded it together and it is played at the beginning of the film.
This documentary is now in the hands of Voice of the Martyrs, which is a world-wide known organization that raises awareness of the persecuted church. They have come alongside them and are distributing this documentary all over the world! AWESOME!
God is amazing!
If you want to check out the trailer and learn more about this documentary go to their website:
Here are a couple of pictures from recording...
Mr. Andy Melvin working his magic...The view from my room...SO fun!


  1. thanks for sharing this, Em! But how do we hear your song?!

  2. Is it legal to post a little snippit of the song? Cool pictures of the guys but where's the picture of you?! What a blessing you are to the world!!!

  3. emily...i just found your blog randomly and this post is amazing! Voice of the Martyers is an awesome organization i am just learning more about. amazing that you were able to be involved in this and God is so good to have moved this project along! God Bless!

  4. Sara-Thanks so much for your sweet comment! God is GOOD!! Be blessed sister!