Saturday, April 4, 2009

For Noelle.

I made this for my niece Noelle. She is 4. And she is a STAR in every way. She loves all things girly and sparkly. We were recently in Kansas visiting and we all went to a wonderful Tex Mex restaurant (I really wish I could remember the name..) I was sitting next to the little girls at one end. It just so happened that the tables were covered in white paper and crayons were abundant. I couldn't just sit there, of course, and twiddle my thumbs! So, a large beautiful crayon drawing of Noelle the rockstar started to take shape. She just loved it! She stared it and we talked about it most of the meal. Silly me, I didn't think far enough ahead that she would be upset when it was time to go. She frantically came up with this crumpled up napkin and asked me if I would copy it. I contemplated ripping off that end of the table, but it was NAST! Pretty sure the parents weren't going to like the BBQ stained art hanging on their daughter's wall. Her little face was so sad! So the minute I got back to Iowa, I got to work and sent down this little piece just for her...because I love her so much! {-Laura}


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  2. Sorry, I should check my spelling before posting - anyway, I was saying that little Noelle will just love this painting made especially for her, it is adorable, lucky little girl :)