Friday, April 3, 2009

"Normal Day....

...let me be aware...
...of the treasure you are." - Mary Jean Iron. This is one of my favorite new quotes I found recently.

I really loved working with the texture on these canvases. I'm going to let you in on a little secret about these, since Sara commented that I must stretch my own fabric for canvases. Nope. Wouldn't know how to begin to do that. Although if I wanted to go to the time and effort of figuring it out, I'm sure I could. Nope what you're seeing here is a case of repurposing clearanced craft store canvases. They already had designs on the fabric - some paisley, some diamonds, some black and white graphics, they were evidently meant to be hung for decorating as is, but were very boring and scratched up. I decided since they were devoid of any other colors, they'd be the perfect bases for my art. I love how you can still see the layer underneath, but yet it's not distracting. Still more to come! {-Jill}


  1. Very good idea! Now if I could just find some patterned canvases on clearance!!!! I love how they turned out. I suppose you could decoupage a patterned paper onto canvas and then paint on it- I may have to try that.

    Beautiful work!

  2. Her hair is truly amazing. Who's her stylist?