Saturday, May 11, 2013

Giveaway #6: Play Nice

 We're celebrating all of you hard-working moms with a giveaway from "This Thing Called Family" EVERY DAY this week!

SEVEN giveaways!  One winner every day up until Mother's Day!

Today's giveaway is this piece of wall art from our new mom rules called "Play Nice:"

I think this sign is perfect, for my home anyway, because I'm always fascinated and amazed by how well my 3 boys can get along with other kids, yet when it comes to playing their brothers it's a whole other story!  Just the other day my 5 year old had a preschool friend over for the afternoon and it was delightful to watch them play and entertain each other without a single scuffle!  I've decided playdates are essential for no other reason than to remind me that yes, my boys are capable of playing nice, even if they can't seem to do it with each other!  -jill


*Tell us what kinds of products and/or sayings you would like to see us add to "This Thing Called Family" ----We really value your opinion and want to know!
Tell us your favorite mom quote:  something your mom always said to you, or you say to your kids.  

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  1. I always love your products, sayings and ideas and wish I was creative enough to offer a useful suggestion. The only thing I can muster up on only one cup of coffee this morning might be jewelry/trinket boxes that hold a message of what real beauty is all about. As a mother of two young girls, I want to instill in them that beauty comes from within, not from what you adorn yourself with. Any help with that is ALWAYS appreciated!

  2. I love all of your artwork! You should add it to things like plates/cups (how cool would "table manners" be on a ceramic or melamine dish?! I love the lazy susans!) Or maybe your brush your teeth one could be on a toothbrush holder.

  3. Love your artwork! Totally applies to my family. Pick me Pick me! :)

  4. I would like some things that are appropriate for families of 1, single people. I have almost all of the ones you have made that work for 1, but would like to see more. Just love walking into a store and seeing your work. Lots of hospital gift shops carry it. Friends, be sure to go to gift shops. you'd be surprised at the treasures to be found.

  5. how about..." because i said so" - that's one of my all time favorites.
    and, i love the plaques... how about Journals? I love me a sweet journal!
    Happy Mothers Day

  6. My mom always used to say, "delayed obedience is disobedience." Because we would tell her "we'll get to it after we are done playing." Apparently kids aren't supposed to make the schedule, mom knows best :)

  7. Love all the work you girls produce, so different and funky. My mum and Dad have been gone a long time, so one of my favourite saying is:- It is never to late to have a second childhood, but you are in charge of this one".
    Keep creating Girls, I always look forward to my fix of Things with wings! x

  8. A saying I grew up hearing was "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!" ...and even though I hated hearing it, I now say it to my three kids, too! :) Weird how that happens! I love all of your sayings...and this one would be cute on a Mom Rules plaque. Happy Mother's Day!

  9. Something I remember my mom saying when we were out shopping that I say now too is... "Look with your eyes, not with your hands."

  10. My mantra has become....

    When do we obey? The first time!!!

  11. The thing I say the most every day is Dry The Dog! We have a big drooly English mastiff and every time she eats or drinks someone has to dry her face. :)

  12. One thing my dad always said to me was "You control how you feel". Always hated when he said that but it worked! I try to tell my girls that now, hoping by the time they are teenagers it will be in their heads.


  13. "Kindness matter"
    "Live Aloha"
    "To the world you may be one person; to one person you may be the world."
    "Be the change you wish to see in the world"

  14. "All the way, right away, with a happy heart"

  15. you teach people how to treat you. or listen to that little voice. if it doesn't feel right don't do it!

  16. Love your art, I would love to see more Bible verses :) As far was a "blast from the past" Mommy-quote, my Mom used to always tell me the Golden Rule, "Treat people the way you want to be treated." I use that all the time with my boys! I hear my Momma's voice when I say it :)

  17. Today my two year old was playing with a one year old, and what a difference a year makes. I constantly reminded him to play nice with the other little boy. You did one once about Hush baby, no seriously! And I loved that one lol, but maybe in more neutral colors.

  18. I am totally smitten with your work, original and This Thing Called Family! Thanks so much for all you do!

    I'd love to see more baby inspired pieces since that's where I usually hang your work, in my babies' rooms!

    I also loved the Hush baby, no seriously! piece. WHERE CAN I GET ONE!?

  19. I have to agree...more Bible verses. :) I tend to use "Abandon the quarrel....." or a "Gentle answer turns away wrath" often. I like the phrase "God is good.....ALL the time.." mnhmslmomatyahoodotcom

  20. Only call me at work (a busy airport) in cases of blood or fire. All other issues...go ask your father, he's in the same house with you. I cannot stop a jet to settle a dispute!

  21. Not sure if you make/sell coffee mugs, but I think that'd be fun! Love all your stuff - it puts a smile on my face!
    llworthen@ hotmail dot com

  22. I would love to see more quotes about reading and about creating/creativity/doing art.
    Thanks so much!