This Thing Called Family

Here's the thing we love about "family"-  it's crazy and loud, fun and happy, messy and real, with good days and bad days.  At least our families are that way! That's why in our own homes we surround ourselves with fun and encouraging messages to help us grow.  We know we're not the only families who aren't perfect, so we created "This Thing Called Family" for all of the other real families out there: as encouraging reminders, good conversation starters and smile-makers!  But real families are practical too, so we are excited to bring you products that are meaningful AND useful, like a chalkboard, wall hooks and a clock. Our new Mom Rules feature universal themes that will turn life's important rules into a fun and colorful way to decorate, while still getting your point across! We hope you will find something unique that will help your family stay close, keep track of life and have fun along the way!

From our Things With Wings family to Yours,
Connie, Jill and Laura

This Thing Called Family is an innovative collection of versatile wall art that gives new meaning to the expression Words of Wisdom. Families will love to share their most meaningful sentiments with each other through the artful typography and scrapbook-inspired design of these folksy wall words and plaques. Available in specialty and gift shops nationwide! 

Visit the DEMDACO store locator to find a retailer in your area who carries TTCF.  Check with individual retailers to determine their current inventory.

Retailers interested in carrying TTCF can visit the DEMDACO showrooms in Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Denver or Dallas or contact their local DEMDACO rep for details. 

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Want to know more about how this all came to be?  Read this newspaper article!!!

This Thing Called Family

**New for Summer 2014!**

 Tea Towel/Spoon Gift Sets

Coordinating Mugs to Mix and Match

Coordinating Cutting Boards to Mix and Match

**New for January 2014**

paper towel holder

magnetic menu board
Magnets for Menu Board

apron, pot holder, oven mitt


small cutting board

large cutting board

tissue box

melamine tray

silverware caddy 
Kitchen mat and set of 4 Vinyl Placemats
Wall art and similar design appears on a vinyl placemat set

Mini Mom Rules block

Mini Mom Rules block

Mini Mom Rules block

Mini Mom Rules block

Mini Mom Rules block

Mini Mom Rules block

Mini Mom Rules block

Mini Mom Rules block
Wall Art

Wall Art

Wall Art
Wall Art

**New for June 2013**

Examples of ways to use our new alphabet and word tiles to create your own unique message:

**January 2013!**

Picture Frames!

Dimensional Sitting Houses:

And a 2013 TTCF Christmas Collection!



 Christmas Houses and Trees - Make Your Own Village!

Countdown Calendar:

 Wall Art:

Lazy Susan!


**JUNE 2012**

decorative word, can hang or stand on its own.
decorative word, can hang or stand on its own
decorative word, can hang or stand on its own.
3 houses, sold separately, can sit or hang
"Happy Heart" wall art
"Awesome Journey" wall art

"People I Love" wall art
 "I Love You This Much" wall art
"Love Lives Here" wall art
"Time to Fly" desk clock
"Happy Family" lazy susan!
"Happy Family" weekly chalkboard
Rejoice Mobile
"Celebrate Each Day" wooden bowl
"I Love you this much" wall art
"Grow Happy" family tree magnetic board with leaf magnets
add on magnets
"Time of Your Life" wall clock

**MARCH 2012**
new spring color palette!

wall art
Look What I Did board with clips
wall board with hooks
wall art
wall art/frames with ribbon hangers
double sided door hanger
double sided door hanger
 3 boxes - lay down to hold treasures, stand upright to display as art
pocket mirrors
wall art
wall art
2nd new set of nesting dolls
3 sizes sculpture flowers
bird sculpture
3 journals with pocket

**NEW FOR JANUARY 2012!!!**

Magnetic "Look What I Made" board for your child's masterpiece + Share, Spend Save set!
New Sets of Wall Art + Nesting Owl Dolls!
Make Each Day Count Nesting Owls!
Magnetic Perpetual Calendar!
Step Stool!
New Crosses!
Fabric Wall Hangings
use a variety of fabrics including corduroy, burlap, cotton and wool.  Lots of fun stitching details: 
Fruits of the Spirit 
Seek Wisdom
Things To Do
In Our Home...
Do all Things With Love
Owl, Large and Small
 Detail: We love the textured scallops and white loopy stitching!  And look at those stitched eyes and beak!
Detail: stitchy star and outlined letters
choose joy
Owl Weighted Door Stopper
True Love Cross
Hope Cross
 Detail: raised cross and textured letters
Cross with Heart
Detail: metal scallops and raised heart

Just Be Me
Develop an eye for Joy
Be Grateful
Detail: Textured Metal Heart
Have Courage

 detail: we LOVE the sanded edges and layers of dimension!
Wish Star
Sparkle Star
Lazy Susans
Count Your Blessings
 Family Rules
Table Manners
Wood Plaques
Hold Hands Tightly
Hope House
detail from piece above: texturized metal bird, raised letters:
Together is my Favorite Place to Be
 detail, fun texture on metal:
Faith Makes Things Possible, Not Easy
 Always Together, Never Apart
 Detail: metal heart, raised words
 Just Be You, It's Enough
 Mom's Rock
 Love Like Crazy
detail: dimensional star

 Framed Pieces
Fruits of the Spirit
detail, textured raise letters: 
Welcome to Our Home
In Our Home We're Into...
Seek Wisdom Owl
detail: We love the dimensional eyelids, beak and wings, and that he's outlined with wire!
Dream Big Dreams
 Detail:  we LOVE that the bird and grass are outlined with wire!
Know Myself
Detail: Layered heart

Large Anchor Pieces
Family Rules
Count Your Blessings

Table Manners
 detail, raised squares:

Follow Your Heart
Seek Wisdom
Every Day is a Good Day.
Groupings from the Demdaco catalog: