Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sneak Peek of NEW "This Thing Called Family" for 2013!

Inspired by the things that we hear ourselves say a bazillion times a day.

Maybe we won't get tired of reminding our kids to wash their hands if we've got cute artwork to look at!  OR maybe they'll do it all by themselves WITHOUT BEING TOLD, when they see these!  (Hey, a mom can dream!)  And you'd think that soap would be a given, but not necessarily.  So we've got that covered too. {Use Soap.}

There are houses and picture frames too!

Here's just a few that we had at our open house:

One of several new picture frames:

Here's something else we're super excited about!
A Christmas Collection!
(for 2013)
There are ornaments, wall art and a "Believe" garland!

A Christmas Calendar! (with a cute little polka-dotted peg to mark the day.)  Those are ornaments in the background!

And look! You could make your own little Christmas Village!
The snow 'sparkles!'

And SO thrilled about our Nativity!

More not pictured!   Like, for instance, a Holiday LAZY SUSAN!!! - that's just all kinds of cute!  Can't wait to show you more pics!

We're so excited about all of the new pieces for "This Thing Called Family!"   It's truly a pleasure working with DEMDACO!   Big thanks to them for all of these crazy good "beauty shots!"

These two new collections will debut in January at market in the DEMDACO showroom.  We'll get to go check it all out when we visit the Atlanta Gift Market!  We'll be there Thursday and Friday, Jan 10-11 and cannot wait!  Let us know if you're going!

Retailers!  If you're interested in ordering, visit the DEMDACO Retailer website, or come to DEMDACO's amazing showroom at the Atlanta, Chicago or Dallas gift markets. You can also find and contact your local sales rep. by entering your zip code at the "Contact Your Account Executive" link on the retailer website.

Customers, the earliest you'll start seeing these pieces show up in stores will be February!  
We'll keep you up to date!


  1. absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. Looks great! I love the nativity.

  3. Can't wait to see it all. I'll be in Atlanta too, hope to see you there! Love the Christmas lines