Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Quick, Inexpensive Teacher Gift Idea + Free Printables For You!

Still need a last minute, quick, inexpensive gift idea for the many teachers in your kids' lives?

Here's what I did.

Mini dollar frames from Michaels + scans of several favorite art pieces + typed words in a favorite font. Cut out different elements and rearranged into little mini collages.  That way it still felt like each piece was unique and handmade, without me having to start from scratch!  Just glue-sticked the pieces together and walllah!

I didn't like the clear plastic in the frame openings (it didn't lay flat and kind of warped the image) so I cut them out with an exact-o knife and ended up slapping a quick layer of mod podge on top of the art to seal and protect.

Want some help?

Here are 2 small images (approx. 2x3 inches) which you can print out for your personal use.**

Click on the link below each picture to a google docs pdf:

print here

This red and purple owl can be made into a cute little ornament by printing on paper or card stock and mod-podging to mat board or any other type of thin cardboard (like from your cereal box) that you probably already have lying around in your recycling bin.  Feel free to cut off my scallop border and get out a sharpie to make your own doodle-y frame!  Polk a hole and string with ribbon, string, twine, yarn etc.

print here

This little green owl will fit into a frame with a 2 inch x 3 inch opening - like the mini frames in the $1 bins at the front of Michaels!  Just print on paper or card stock and insert in frame!  (You choose whether you want to eliminate the clear plastic in the opening.  Just be aware that if you do cut it out, you may want to seal your art to protect it.)

**If you use either of our owl images, or if you just need a fun gift tag, please use ours below!  (Print on card stock. )

 Also printable by clicking on the link to a google docs pdf:

print here
Here's one more quick "to and from" idea:
decorative tape from Target's  "Kid Made Modern" craft line + sharpies!

And here's a link to the owly teacher gifts I made last year.

How about you?  What did you come up with for teacher gifts this year?  Share in the comments - links are welcome!   Maybe you'll be helping someone else out who's looking for some last minute inspiration!

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  1. You are amazing for giving us these fun little presents.
    Your talent is always amazing!