Sunday, December 2, 2012

Open House Instagrams and GIVEAWAY Winners!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for coming to our open house this weekend!

We hope you had a great time and found something unique for someone special in your life- especially if that someone special happens to be YOU!

We're so glad you could come and visit, laugh, eat, and shop!  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Here are some Instagram shots from Friday:
almost set up!

Our youngest Winger Emily made and sent us these sets of Promise Cards all the way from Austin, TX! - Scripture presented in a fun, creative and colorful way to carry, giveaway or display as reminders!

Wreaths by Emma Ruth

Peace of Mind Jewelry and Glass

Here are the winners for the Giveaways!
Congrats to Beth Dill!  - the winner of Wreaths By Emma Ruth's magnets!

Congrats to Vicki Issen!  -Winner of the Peace of Mind necklace!

Congrats to Vicki Saunders!  - Winner of Mama Winger's scarf!

Congrats to Lisa Turnbough!  Winner of Green Girl's "Do Your Best" art! 
Congrats to Val Eichhorn!  Winner of Jill's "Be Kind" art!

*This week we'll show you a few more pics from our open house, introduce you to the new stuff coming out next year for "This Thing Called Family" (can't wait- you're gonna love it!) and hopefully get some items listed in our Etsy shops!   So please come visit us again soon!

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  1. Hello: I see a picture of a feather in one of the bins o the floor that says something about life - can you please send me a picture of it/cost?? I'm a big time bird person.