Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve!

Christmas Cards from Loved Ones- taped up with patterned tape.  Later they all fell down! Oh well!

Are there certain Christmas albums that you must pick the right time and place to listen to every year because you know they'll make you cry? Songs from your childhood that take you right back to a time  of innocence or a time when special loved ones were still alive?

Yet it never stops me from listening.  It's a tradition and even if there are tears, it's all good!

For me, it's the Carpenters Christmas Portrait (1978):

and this Kenny Rogers (1981):

Plus I really wish I owned this hard to find Oak Ridge Boys (1982):

Although I'm not normally a Country fan, these albums are what say "Christmas" to me!  Because I can remember late nights snuggled in our pink sleeping bags in the back of our red station wagon listening to these songs as we came home from relatives.

Even this Manheim Steamroller album makes me nostalgic.  My husband and I would turn off the lights so just the Christmas tree was glowing, snuggle on the couch and watch our 4 year old dance.  Now he's 13 and for some reason he won't do that for us anymore!

What Christmas albums or songs do you listen to that take you back?
I hope they are good memories.
Even if they are painful, I pray that God gives you peace this Christmas.

Merry Christmas Eve!


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