Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Go Check out Ben Franklin in Iowa City!

Remember our announcement that Ben Franklin in Sycamore Mall, Iowa City was going to be carrying "This Thing Called Family?"  I know many of you locals have been patiently waiting!  Well they've now got an awesome display going on and lots of inventory!!!  It looks like they have just about everything, except maybe the pillows.

Here are some pictures:

They have all 3 styles of lazy susans in stock!

All three big wall art styles are available: Count your Blessings, Table Manners and Family Rules.

Mirrors, ornaments, crosses, fabric wall hangings, wall art, owl sculpture.

So if you're local to the Iowa City area, THIS is the place to go!  We told LOTS of people over Arts Fest weekend about it too, so you might want to get over there while the selection is good!

We're hoping to have a "meet the artists" event there and will let you all know the details as soon as they are finalized!


  1. Wow look at this place. Hope your work does well there.

  2. Oh my sweet lou, I love your stuff. Absolutely amazing. Thanks so much for the follow on my blog. I will definitely be following back!

  3. Wow!! Isn't it heartwarming to see all of your creations there? So cool, girlz!!!

  4. i loved seeing your whole line in person in the demdaco showroom. looked so great! congratulations on such a wonderful line.