Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Iowa City Retailer to Carry TTCF!

Good news for all you local Iowa City folks!  We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Ben Franklin's first shipment of "This Thing Called Family!"  We hadn't been in there in awhile, so imagine our surprise to find this display!!! Actually Mamma Winger found it and it went a little something like this:  a sign catches her eye. "Announcing Local Artists Make it Big!"  Local artists?!  I wonder who that could be?!  So she went over to see....

Oh!!!  Holy Smokes!  It's us!  :-) 

The display included text from the Gazette article we did, (left)  and the Hoopla article (bottom right) that featured Green Girl and Mamma Winger.  My husband joked around that it was a good thing that my picture wasn't on their poster - I could still live a life of anonymity!  snort.

Ol' Ben even used some of our favorite pics from the DEMDACO catalog:

Be on the lookout for more info about this exciting upcoming event:

Ben Franklin is located in Sycamore Mall, Iowa City and we'll let you all know when their shipment comes in and when the event will take place!  (I wouldn't be at all surprised if there will be some kind of giveaways happening..... you'll want to come!)