Sunday, June 12, 2011

Recent Special Orders

Here are a few special orders I've done recently. 

This first one was a big piece - can't remember exactly, 2ft x 3 1/2 ft?  Something like that.  It was made to fit above the headboard of a couple's master bedroom.

This next one was a gift for a child care provider who was retiring her business.  The parents wanted to give a meaningful parting gift that incorporated the logo:
 So I came up with this:

 family trees:

If you have an idea for a custom order (a favorite quote or bible verse? family names? a family tree? family rules? anything else you can dream up?).... and want to learn more about our prices and process, email us at and we'll send you some info! 

Be sure to go check out our Custom Order tab in the menu bar - we just updated it with some new pictures!


  1. Loving the family trees, so cute!

  2. You are surely talented. I love the one for above the headboard!


  3. oh wow! these are fab ^_^