Monday, June 6, 2011

A Warm Welcome and a Giveaway to Celebrate!


BIG thanks to all who came out and made the Iowa Arts Fest a success!!!!  We're still recovering! 

See more pics of the festival on our facebook page!

If you're new and joining us for the first time, we are SO glad that you are here!!! We wish you a Warm Welcome! And you're in luck!  To celebrate this past weekend, we're starting a new giveaway today!  

But first, let us show you around!

If you're interested in finding out more about the Things With Wings family, head here.

If we talked to you this weekend about a custom order, you can get ideas (but are certainly not limited to these) by heading here.

This Thing Called Family
If you'd like to learn and see more pictures of "This Thing Called Family" -our national line of wall art and home decor items with DEMDACO, (pictured above) including where you can find it in your area, go check out this section.  Be sure to check out the lazy susans - they've been really popular!

Many of you asked this weekend about purchasing items directly from our website.  Although our blog here is not set up that way, we do have several options for you: 

*We have 2 etsy shops (see menu bar) that have been sorely neglected!  We've been so busy that stuff sells long before we have time to get up on there!  A good problem to have!  But our goal this summer is to update them with new original items. We will make announcements via facebook when that happens!   

*Items from "This Thing Called Family" can be purchased from a few online shopping sources that we've connected with:
Gabby's Gifts
The Village Shop
...and if you're local to the Iowa City area, go visit Ben Franklin's in Sycamore Mall -they have a great selection right now!

*If you see something here on our blog or facebook that you like, email us and we'll let you know if we still have it!  We use paypal and ship things all the time!

Lastly, we would LOVE it if you'd join us on our facebook page.  It's a great way to connect and we update it with pictures and info way more often than our blog!  *If you purchased something from us this past weekend, we'd love to see it in your space!!!  Post a picture on our facebook wall and we will repost it for all to see!

Whew! NOW on to the giveaway!

Here it is!

Our "True Love Cross!"  This cross is one of a few crosses that are available in the "This Thing Called Family"collection.  It is made from wood composite, canvas and has an iron wire hanger.  It's 15 inches long.  DEMDACO tells us the crosses are selling really well, so we're excited to be giving one away!

To Enter:

*just leave a comment on this post and tell us how you first connected with Things With Wings (if you can remember!) Nothing simpler!  Make sure there's a way we can contact you.

***If, in your one comment, you mention that you've also facebooked, blogged, or tweeted the giveaway, we'll throw in an extra surprise!  (you know from our other giveaways that it'll be something good!)

*We will choose a winner on Thursday night, 10 pm CST.

*One entry per person, please! Extra comments will be deleted. Your comment will not be immediately visible until after we've approved it.  

Good luck and a special welcome to all you new folks!


  1. I believe one of you lovely talented women contacted me back in '09 with info about your work. I featured Things With Wings on Funky Finds & have been a fan since!

    Jessica D.

  2. I first connected, sort of to Things with Wings when my sweet brother introduced me to a lovely woman named Connie who ended up going on a Women's retreat with me, my mom, sister, niece and a couple of my daughters several years ago now! It has been great watching the journey God has your family on over these years. And yes, I shared this on my wall on Facebook ;)

  3. I love your stuff! This cross is beautiful, and the lazy susan's are wonderful!

    I found your blog somehow- or you found my blog?

  4. I think I first joined when I was searching for some good, crafty sites! I also posted this giveaway on my FB!

  5. I discovered some of your work at the little store in Washington, Iowa when visiting my in-laws. Loved it. I purchased my first piece: one of your lazy susans just last month. We love it. Things with Wings is one of my likes on facebook, too. Keeping creating great stuff!

  6. I don't think you were Things With Wings back then but I remember singing with Emily at Christmastime at church one year. First Ward family memory for me. Headed to FB so share the wealth :)

  7. I've know Mama Winger for a long time - liked being in a small group with you. And the rest of you for a long time too. Remember meeting Jill when we called on them for something at church way back when. I'm putting this on Facebook (I hope).

  8. I found you through the DEMDACO facebook page (which I found via the Kelly Rae Roberts page). Long way around to a good thing!

  9. I was looking through some photos on the Bolick Pottery facebook page and saw a pic of one of your lazy susans. I went to your page from there and it was love at first sight! :) I love all of your stuff. You're a talented group of gals! :)

  10. I am Sheila Steven's sister-in-law and saw her post something about you a long time ago and you made me a picture for my home :)

  11. I "connected" to Things with Wings through the "youngest Winger". Got to give Emily some props...cause she is pretty amazing and she deserves them =)

  12. I *think* I may have been Google searhing for owls and found your blog. I have followed religeously since!
    I shall be sharing this on Facebook!

  13. You girls know that I love your stuff!! I found you on Facebook and tell everybody I can about your awesome artwork. I posted your link on my status today. I hope it brings you tons of new followers!

    Annette-Confounded Concoctions

  14. I first seen your {awesomeness} when I was @ the 2010 Arts Fair in Iowa City. I was completely drawn in at first sight. I LOVE the mediums you use in your work but most of all - I love how it is {faith based}. THANK YOU for what you all do ;)


  15. I wish I could remember how I found you Lovely Winger girls but I do know that I haven't stopped admiring all of your work since!!! I was just giddy when I went into the Demdaco showroom and see the " This Think Called Family" Trailer in Dallas!

  16. Love all your new goodies...been keeping my eyes out when I see it. Hope you had a great show.

  17. I saw you ladies in Cedar Falls last Labor Day weekend...bought several things and I smile every time I look at them!

  18. enter me your art...i found you on facebook...of course..
    vickie fern briningstool

  19. i cant remember how i first found your blog but i am sure glad i did!!! that piece you are giving away is awesome!!!
    i also shared the post on facebook!!
    thanks so much!

  20. I read about your work in the local paper and found you on Facebook. Love your work!

  21. Laura made a sign for my cousin and gave it to her at her baby shower. I was instantly in love with her work and since she has made SEVERAL pieces that make the walls of my house look amazing!

  22. There are so many ways I know all three. I have the privilege of working with one of these great women at preschool. The other two I have had one of each of their children in my class at preschool. You are such a great group of women. I will share on Facebook!

  23. I first met you at Art-a-palooza in Cedar Falls last summer and have been madly in love ever since :) I love my growing TWW collection and can't wait to get more!

  24. I met you beautiful ladies at the Stillwater Art Festival last year! I always FACEBOOK my favorites, and I just TWEETED about the giveaway!
    Kristi Pamperin

  25. I first learned about Things with Wings when I saw some of the This Thing Called Family pieces in the Des Moines airport. I loved what I saw and started searching to find out more about you. Then I found Things with Wings and was excited to see that you are located in Iowa. I have purchased several pieces -- one for myself (fruits of the Spirit), several for gifts. I love the way you weave a message into your art! I have shared your website with many of my friends, who now are fans as well. Thank you!

  26. LOVE it!! Etsy maybe? My sister sent me a picture of something & I started looking at other things & came across your stuff. Love at first sight!

  27. i learned of you from my good friend tara... we both live in texas and we both LOVE your work. you inspire me to be creative and not hold back... can't wait to get to Jefferson, TX and get something for myself!

  28. I am in LOVE! I ran into you at the Valley Fair art show a couple weeks ago and am having a piece custom made for my nursery! I CAN'T wait! (I bought a piece that day too, I couldn't resist!)

    I shared your giveaway on my FaceBook page!

  29. I saw your artwork on Kathy's page...just love it! you've inspired me to start painting :) I'll surely facebook your drawing

  30. I first met you lovely ladies while I was teaching at Weber in Iowa City. I absolutely adore your creative and whimsical creations and even though I moved away from Iowa City I still check up on you from time to time to see what lovely things you've created. I will definitely FB this awesome giveaway.

  31. I seriously can't remember how I first found you all, but I know it was through blogging. I follow you all on Facebook, but I don't tweet. I have a blog and have mentioned you all in a past post before. Love your creations and as I told you on FB today I am visiting a store in Jefferson, Texas tomorrow called Blessings. Have heard through the grapevine that they carry your line, so I am very excited to finally see your creations in person. I will take a pic and let you know all about it.

  32. Hey There! I just adore y'all and everything you create. I don't remember how I found Things With Wings but have been a huge fan for almost a year. I tweeted and facebooked your give-away. Fingers and toes crossed in hopes of winning the cross!!!