Saturday, March 27, 2010

If You Are Highly Organized, You Might Want To Shield Your Eyes...

So, yeah. I'm working on this new project. At first, I was highly frustrated working with fabric and sewing and thread and needles and other such objects that I believe Satan puts on Earth in order to make me stumble, but then I found my groove and became an obsessed women for the next 36 hours. When I came out of the fog, I realized my workspace looked like a tornado hit. Did I mention my workspace happens to be right smack dab in the middle of my living room? I took a picture so you would all see...and know.

Well, that was slightly embarrassing. Moving on. Here are a few pics of the outcome. Cuff bracelets made from vintage neckties. I think they're cool. You can find them at The Shop Next Door in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Cool shop. If you haven't checked it out yet, you need to go. ASAP.


  1. Wow! Those are so cool! Most of my goodies start out as a super big mess before too! AND always after I've finished something the piles of stuff I used are everywhere, which makes my husband crazy! ;)

    I did see a great idea on how to "store" all the nick knacks we over the door clear pocket shoe holder! I think that is the most fantastic idea, don't you?!

    We could store stuff in the pockets by color or type and then have all of our trinkets at our finger tips! Plus, we can move the holder around! Is that awesome or what? ;)

    PS You girls are so lucky to have each other and I L*O*V*E your work! Carry on and go change the world with your Art! Grace and Peace!

  2. A messy girl like me, and well worth the effort, they are great.

  3. Love this idea!! My hubby has a million ties that he doesn't use any more, a legacy of the power dressing of the nineties, (how old do they have to be before they are vintage lol?)I wonder if I could refurb some of them!!

    Love your messy space. looks like mine when I'm on a mission but I'm fortunate I can shut the door on it! I have an absolutely brilliant plastic pockety thing (smaller than for shoes) which I use to store stamps. Doesn't really make me any tidier hough as it only houses the tip of the iceberg!!

  4. I neeeeed one. Can you give me one for my birthday? post haste, er...I mean post partum, no, that's not know, like "after the fact?"

  5. LAURA. you never cease to amaze me. and i did not have to shield my eyes, thankfully.