Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Family Reunion {Of Sorts...}

{Photo by fan Kathy G. from Kent, UK!}

Do you have something created by one of us Things With Wings gals in your home?

We'd be thrilled if you'd snap a picture, and share it and the space where it resides on our Facebook Fan Page! Some of these pieces were our babies! And it's always good to know that they're alive and well and have found their place in the world. Hopefully they've become productive, well-adjusted members of your living room or bathroom or wherever they hang. :-) Think of it as a cyber family reunion of sorts!

Don't know how to do that? Go to our wall and make a post. Tell us a bit about yourself or the space it resides if ya like! Click on the "photo" icon below your post and upload the picture! It will be included in our fan photo album and we'd be forever grateful that you've "reunited" us!

Not a facebook fan of Things With Wings yet? Well, what are ya waitin' for - an engraved invitation?! (My mother claims I've been really sassy lately, and I think that last sentence might be proof.)

Don't know what facebook is/don't use it/don't like it/don't want anything to do with facebook no way no how: You can send your pictures to

Thanks folks - you're the best!


  1. I'll try to do this as soon as I get a chance. As you know all too well, I LOVE your work.


  2. OH my word...I just happended upon your website. I am going to fan y'all right now! We just got started with all of we have a facebook fan page too! Check it out when you get a chance. Our blog is about like yalls- U guys CRACK me up! Ta Ta Kim