Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Creativity Takes Courage

Here is a piece I just finished up for a friend. I think we both identify the struggles with the issue of art vs. kids/mommyhood. (And finding a balance between the two.) I think sometimes it takes courage to put aside time just for you. To do the things you love. To actively participate in something that is "just you". To do something for no other reason than to feed your soul. And to not feel guilty.
I hope she likes it!


  1. i LOVE this piece and i LOVE your post!

    i cannot tell you how much i struggle with the guilt when i am painting and my kids are home...all the "shoulds" that come into play.

    thank you for this today!!



  2. I am sure she will love it! I know I do.

  3. it's gorgeous. the post and the piece.

  4. Ummm...Shadley. I'm REALLY glad to hear that you like this piece (nudge, nudge.) Because it's for an artist friend of mine (wink, wink.) Like an artist friend that I'm making some art for (nudge, nudge.) In exchange for some artwork I recieved from her (wink, wink.)

  5. OOOOOOH I was hoping so, but I didn't want to assume anything, you know since it makes an a@* out of u and me.