Monday, March 29, 2010

4 New Items In The Shop!

There are 4 of these new block words in the Paper Prayers Etsy shop! Two "Home" ones, a "Love" and a "Hope!" They'd look great sitting around your house - on a mantle, windowsill, grouped with other favorite finds, a dresser, side table, or anywhere you can think of! Clicking on each picture will take you to that listing, with more info, dimensions and more pictures!

*******SOLD!!!*********Still Available:

***Funny side note (added after my original post:) I had about 20 of these babies standing very close together on my drying shelf this weekend. I was very carefully setting them down so that they wouldn't tip over, after adding one last layer of sealer. The very last one I sat down tipped over and I saw my life flash before my eyes as they all went down the line in slow motion tipping over onto each other like dominoes! There was nothing I could do, except yell "Noooooooooo!" I felt like I was in a movie where the action slows way down, and your voice sounds all low and warbled. They were actually relatively unharmed - a few touch ups, and we were good to go!

***Funny side note to my side note - (added even later) I just remembered that somehow the above incident caused me to fumble my loaded paintbrush (which I was also holding) and poke the brush up my nose. It then dropped and rolled down my sleeve spreading mod podge as it went. I don't know how I manage to do half the weird things I do. Mod Podge up the nose isn't the most pleasant experience - especially when it starts to dry.


  1. Phew a stressful moment there! A beautiful result.

  2. Wow you should set up your video camera and then send the video's in to AFV you could win big $$$ ha! brush up the nose does not rock.

  3. Jill,
    Thanks so much for the laugh, it was needed after a long day at work! :)

  4. I'm going to tweet your beautiful post!

    Happy Easter!