Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dumpster Diving

Sooooo.....this is me (Laura) dumpster diving. I have a headlamp on. I wore it proudly.

Many of you have caught wind that there was a certain "incident", shall we say, during our dumpster diving experience. Well, you see, there was this outdoor light-on-a-stand-thingamajig. I do believe that IS its technical term. It was heavy duty and stood a good 4 feet tall. So we get the light set up by the dumpster and get an extension cord plugged into the garage and when all is said and done we've got about a foot long gap where the cords would connect if they were just a tad bit longer. I'm standing in the street by the lamp and Jill decides she's going to go and "fix" the problem by magically lengthening the cord by picking it up and giving it a good yank. Which is just so typical Jill. I'm standing out in the street by the light and watch helplessly as it topples on to the front of Jill's minivan and scrapes down the side of it. I stand there stunned. I think for sure she has either broken Kimberlee's lamp or scraped the crap out of the side of her minivan. I look up to find Jill sauntering around the corner of the dumpster and innocently ask, "What happened?" My reply was something to the effect of "What do you mean what happened? You yanked the H-E-L-L out of the lamp and it crashed into your car." I admit it. I used the H-E-L-L word. I then ask her, "Why are you even asking what happened? You're the one that yanked on the cord. " And her reply was, "Well...I thought maybe I would wait and see if you confessed to anything before I assumed responsibility." Well, then we got the giggles and there may or may not have been some leg crossing on my part and that's the end of the story.


  1. I would have given up my first-born child...maybe even my first adopted have been there in this moment.

  2. SHUT UP! why did I not know about this story!?!?! where was this at?!?!

  3. And these are 2 of my girls!!! Can you just imagine how wacky it gets when all 3 are together??? (boy I'm glad I stayed home that night and let them bring wood to me!)

  4. i did NOT give the cord a "good yank!" I picked it up, not realizing it was already taut. that's why i wasn't sure what had happened. however i did quickly realize i was to blame. i was surprised that it had fallen over. and yes, i didn't want to admit it at first. when i got home i was relieved to see not a scratch to my van! i told my husband the whole story anyways. so see, i'm not TOTALLY dishonest. blaming your sisters is a natural reaction. (.....for me.)

  5. My sister sent me this link and wow - I wish I had my headlamp on right there beside you girl. I embarrass my kids so much when I come to a screaching halt because someone is throwing something out that I just have to have. They will get it someday but until then I'll keep on embarrassing them. :)
    love it- you go girl.