Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Let Go and Let God

...or if you're really tired and not paying attention, you scramble your cutouts and glue down the lesser known, but still valid, 'Let God and Let Go."

Here's another little peek of some the new goodies that will be available this weekend at our Beaverdale show. This heart and hands idea has been popular lately. It all started with this piece that I did - which is still available, by the way :-) Several people easily assumed that that piece was just of a heart and hands, when really it's a whole girl holding her heart up. Those are my mad etsy skillz for ya!

(Yes, I just said "skillz" with a 'Z'. I'm nothing if not down with the kidz' lingo theze dayz.) What?....
too much?!

I just reminded myself of the dad in that new tv show Modern Family. It doesn't work so well for him either.

Anyhoo, several people have since requested I do just the hands and heart. So I did some small ones here. Now I'm at it again for another special order! The piece below was a request to use brown, green and purple. The three above will be for sale at Beaverdale!


  1. Considering the post you all did awhile back about all the trouble you all have with hands it is funny that now your popular peices are focused on hands. :) They look great.

  2. ha!!! I STILL have trouble with hands, isn't it obvious?! I just decided to go with it. so they're funky, looking....watcha gonna do?!