Monday, November 9, 2009

Getting Ready....

We're busy getting ready for our show in Des Moines this weekend, November 14. If you live in the area, we'd love to see ya! More details about the Beaverdale Holiday Boutique can be seen here (click on it to make it bigger:)
For directions, look for the link over on the left in our sidebar under "Where We'll Be..."


  1. Good luck at your show. I found your blog last week, I love your family's are pieces. Your blog is so great, I read the whole thing- you are all so positive and uplifting as is your art work. It just seems like you are all really having fun with your art and each other. :) I look forward to new posts.

  2. Love these paintings. Have fun at the show...

  3. Can't wait to see you tonight- I'm planning on buying something for my sister for Christmas... she loves everything I have from you ladies!