Friday, August 28, 2009

Let Go & Let God

These 3 pieces are a special order I just finished for someone. She had seen this piece in my etsy shop and asked if I'd do some smaller pieces of just the hands holding up the heart. This customer was easy to work with - she was flexible on the size, and I got to pick whatever 3 color schemes I wanted! I really like how they turned out so I made sure I scanned them before I send them off. Not sure what I'll do with the scans, but lately making and selling some prints has been in the back of my mind. I do not have a quality printer or know much about how to go about creating quality prints. So that's on the way back burner for now. But if anyone has any advice for me on that subject, I'd love to learn more.


  1. Very cute!!

    You could always use your scans for a Cafe Press shop!

  2. now there's an idea...wait...I have no idea what that is...

  3. Very sweet! You all are talented. Very.