Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The First Open House Giveaway in a Long Line to Come!

Well I suppose by now all of you local people have received your invitations to our Holiday Art Event open house. That means it's time to let you all in on the great prizes we'll be giving away at our Holiday Art Event! In the days to come, we'll be posting information about all of the artists who will be joining us this year, as well as sneak peeks of all of their great giveaways. And let me tell you - this year the prizes are bigger and better and there's more of 'em than ever before! Man, these guys are generous!

I'll start us off today, with a peek at an original Paper Prayers that I'll be giving away. And since you already know as much as I want you to know about me, :-) I won't bore you with any other details.

Any one who's ever had a "not-so-normal" day - and who hasn't? - can appreciate just what a gift a normal day can be. It's a matter of training our hearts to be grateful and thankful - to be able to RECOGNIZE and ACKNOWLEDGE that a normal day is truly a gift from God. If you're like me, and you're not sure if you remember what "normal" even looks like anymore, then just remember it's all relative.

This piece measures 11x24 inches and has a value of $59! And I could totally picture it in YOUR living room. The only way you can win this, along with all the other items we'll soon be featuring, is to come to our open house on Dec 5 and put your name in the fishbowl! We'll be drawing the names at the end of that day. (Winners need not be present to win.)

If you're in the Iowa City area and have not received an invite, email us at for more information.

Be sure to check back soon for the next sneak peek!


  1. Oh my, Now I wish I had wings so I could fly to Iowa City on a normal day.

  2. Love the "normal day" gorgeous, as always!!!!

  3. Jill, this looks georgous!! I plan on coming in the afternoon and look forward to seeing all your stuff and everyone elses!!