Friday, November 20, 2009

Giveaway #2 is Announced!

Our friend Jenni will be joining us for our open house Dec 5. This is her first time joining us, so we're all in for a real treat! She will be selling her mixed media artwork and promoting her photography business. The thing I love about Jenni's work is that she uses all kinds of recycled materials. Here's some examples of her work that I love:

You really have to click on the one above to get the full effect!

cards using handmade paper:
And I'm just betting that she hand carved that tree stamp.

Plus she's an amazing photographer. She can even combine digital artistry with her great shots to create these digital templates - I wish I knew how to do this. Just look:
That's one handsome family right there, by the way.

Travel journals using old maps!LOVE that she incorporates sewing elements into her work.

Speaking of sewing elements, because Jenni is a nice person, she's offered to add this cute hand stitched embroidery piece to our list of GIVEAWAYS for the open house! This owl is in a 5x7 wood frame and could only be YOURS if you come put your name in the bowl during our open house Dec 5! (Need an invitation? Email us at

Be sure to visit Jenni on her blog Root Me Down and say hi. She's got lots more fun things to look at and will be adding more new stuff soon that will be for sale at our open house. If you're interested in finding out more about her photography business, you can email her at

Come back soon to see Giveaway #3!

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  1. Your friend is very talented! I love the first piece showcased of hers especially! Hope you have a wonderful open house!