Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Gift Market Time

The Atlanta and Dallas gift markets have ended, but still yet to come is the Denver and Las Vegas markets!

We are not personally attending any markets this summer because we've been hard at work creating for some exciting NEW opportunities for 2014!  We just wrapped up the creating portion and got 2 large boxes in the mail on Monday and boy did it feel gooooood (and a little scary) to send it out into the world!

We hope that retailers are checking out our brand new alphabet collection and ordering our new Christmas line for the upcoming holiday season at the summer markets!  It never ceases to amaze us and we hope we never forget how blessed we are that out of the bazillions of incredible choices that retailers have, they somehow choose us.  We are truly thankful!

It only drives us a teensy bit nuts to see our facebook feeds light up with other people's market photos and stories - so we are always overjoyed when someone takes the time to share photos with us! 

Here are some photos of our "This Thing Called Family" display in Atlanta:

Our new alphabet collection features individual letter tiles, photo frames and words-of-welcome plaques that can be combined to create your own unique message!

Mama Winger's skinny abc's are new! They come in 3 different themes:  home, family and spiritual.

This photo is currently featured on the DEMDACO facebook page!

Here are some more ideas on how our new alphabet program can be used to create a personalized message in your home:

You can find out more about the story behind how this collection came to be by going here.

If YOU are a retailer attending the remaining markets in Denver or Las Vegas, we'd LOVE it if you'd snap a photo of TTCF in the DEMDACO showroom!  You are welcome to upload photos directly to our facebook wall!  Extra brownie points if YOU are in the photo too, because YOU are what has made TTCF a success!  :-)

*Check out Gabby's Gifts online store!  They now carry the letter tiles, word plaques and frames to create your own wall!