Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"Parade of Homes" Art

Right around the time of the Iowa Arts Fest our town also has its annual Parade of Homes.

We have a friend Kimberlee who, along with her husband, is one half of the Design/Builder team of Rocca Custom Homes.  Kimberlee used to own a gift shop/custom framing business where we sold our originals.  Now they're having a blast designing, building and putting their creative and engineering talents to good use in their beautiful homes!

Kimberlee asked Green Girl if she'd be willing to do some special artwork to decorate their parade home. Of course Laura was all over it!

Here's what she came up with:
God's Top Ten aka the Ten Commandments

For the mudroom:

Kids' Bathroom:

You would NOT BELIEVE how many people came up to us at the Iowa Arts Fest and said they'd seen the parade home and loved the artwork!  I have a feeling Laura will be doing some special order versions of these from all of the publicity! We owe Kimberlee a big thanks for the exposure -  talking us up and handing out our business cards!  It was a great opportunity!

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