Monday, June 10, 2013

New "This Thing Called Family" for Summer 2013!

We are so excited to announce a new collection for our Demdaco line, "This Thing Called Family!"  It is an abc set so that you can personalize your home or space with exactly what you want to say!

Each letter is sold individually, along with a few special key words to help you spell out the perfect welcoming message that fits your life and your family.  

Along with the individual alphabet program there is also some great new abc art designed by Mama Winger, in 2 unique sizes.

3 versions: Home, Family and Spiritual
The skinny abc's are incredibly cool because they are so narrow that you can put them just about anywhere!

This collection was first inspired by Green Girl Laura's home and her real live welcome wall!  

Laura's Real Wall!

Here's the story: our Demdaco friends came to visit us in Iowa City one time and fell in love with Laura's decorating style and the eclectic wall that welcomes people into their home.   The brainstorming began on how to make something similar become a reality for "This Thing Called Family!"  We're so pleased with how it turned out! 

Here's another example from a Demdaco conference room of a wall that uses the new pieces to make a unique family statement:

Look closely and you'll notice that there is a matching photo frame to personalize your wall even further!  (Actually there are 5 fun new frames that coordinate with the collection!) Not pictured are 2 sizes of displayer shelves in case you'd like to display your message that way.

Love the displayer and sign!

*If you are interested in purchasing any of these new items, head over to Gabby's Gifts!  They now have the alphabet program and the skinny abc's up on their website! 

OR ask your local gift and specialty stores to carry "This Thing Called Family's" new alphabet collection! We're starting to see it show up in shops already!


Retailers -we hope you are as excited about all of the unique possibilities as we are!
This collection has all kinds of crazy potential!  
Contact your Demdaco rep ASAP or visit one of the DEMDACO showrooms this summer!!!

*As always, it is our pleasure to share your store on our facebook page!  Since we can't be there in person, anybody visiting any of the markets this summer who shares photos of "This Thing Called Family" displayed in the DEMDACO showrooms (especially the new ABC collection!!!) will get some very special "shout-outs!" Be sure to post photos (right to our Facebook wall!) as your business page (if you have one) and tell us what you ordered so we can promote your shop!!! 
***EXTRA brownie points if YOU are in the photo too - we'd love to see your smiling faces!


  1. Wow lovely work as always, it is about time you came to the UK with your wonderful work!

  2. Hey Ladies,

    These are pretty amazing!! I love them. Do you have any idea when they will be in stores or able to be purchased online? I have loads of ideas!! :)

    PS- I just got back from a trip home to WI and saw your stuff all over!! So great to see. Way to go girls!!

    1. Hi Rebecca!
      You should see them start to show up anytime now! We just got word that our favorite online resource, Gabby's Gifts, now has all the of the letter and word tiles, coordinating picture frames, display shelves and the skinny abc's (page 9) up on the website!

    2. awesome! I'm going to shop now!! ;-) Love your stuff!