Saturday, June 15, 2013

Iowa Arts Fest 2013

The Iowa Arts Fest was last weekend in our hometown, Iowa City!  It's always a really fun time because there are always tons of old friends and new to visit with!

This year the festival celebrated its 30th anniversary!

Here are some pictures from our booth!

We always prominently display our sign at the front of our tent - it explains that we are a {Crazy} Family of Mixed Media Artists, Sisters and Mom, and the Creators of the DEMDACO line, This Thing Called Family!

We love it when people ask us where our messages come from or what inspires us.  God gave us the opportunity to share our story with complete strangers. We tell them how important faith and family is to us and how we create these pieces with these particular reminders as much for US as for other people.  They are messages that WE need to hear - daily - because we so easily forget or fail short.  We tell them that we believe your home should be a reflection of who you are and perhaps more importantly, who you are becoming.  When people tell us a piece speaks to whatever they're currently going through too, it's always a precious time with these kindred spirits and it never gets old!  

We had one day of sprinkles.  The other two days were GORGEOUS!  On rainy show days, we use one of the sides of the tent as an extension canopy off the back of our space and use pvc pipes that my husband rigged up for us for the legs.  Works pretty slick!


  1. Your signs are wonderful, bright and cheerful.

  2. Wow! Everything looks great! wish I lived closer :)