Wednesday, June 19, 2013

VBS 2013

This year our church did SonWest Roundup for Vacation Bible School.  That means that we were in charge of coming up with craft projects with a western theme for 300+ kids, ages ranging from 3 and 4 year olds to 6th graders!  The curriculum came with a book of ideas - which is always a great starting point - and from there we searched Pinterest and other online resources to find projects that we thought were unique, "doable" for a large group (both cost- and time-wise) and would last for at least week post VBS and not head immediately into the trash can once making it home!

This year not only was there NOT the usual week in between Iowa Arts Fest and VBS, but me and my family also moved to our new home.  So planning and purchasing was all Green Girl Laura's doing- and I'm so thankful she was willing to do it!

Here are some pics from our prep:

wood biscuits, used in cabinet making

112 Men's Ties, donated from friends near and far!  There were some doozies - one had rhinoceroses on it!

The weekend before VBS was the Iowa Arts Fest - so the week leading up to everything was.....busy.

Mama Winger sacrificed a finger, but kept on working.


Metal Brads

Here's what we did with all those supplies above.

First we made test products.  Wouldn't want to send any faulty mustaches out into the world.
My five year old was our test subject.  The unicorn was all his idea.

Then we made the crafts with the VBS kids.

On Monday we made ten gallon cowboy hats and mustaches with the younger kids.
Pastor Dave sporting a polka dotted 'stache.

We put together popsicle stick harmonicas with the older kids using this tutorial.

My 9 year old testing his harmonica (above) , me (below) leading a group through the steps.

On Wednesday we made snakes, snakes, and then we made some more snakes.

The younger kids made their snakes from wooden biscuits.  God Bless Laura and her hubby, who spent HOURS drilling holes in preparation for this project.
Some kids didn't like how bumpy they were to color on, so I told them it looked like snake scales - problem solved!
The older kids made their snakes from old men's neck ties.  (Thank you to all of you who donated ties for our project!)
We ran a wire inside the lining of the ties to make their snakes bendable!
On Friday we made climbing lizards with the younger kids:

You tape 1 inch pieces of straws and a penny (for weight) to the back,  run your yarn through, and hang over a door knob (or around your neck!)  When you quickly alternate pulling the strings outward, it skitters up the door!

And string art crosses from Oriental Trading with the older ones.  They can't ALL be prep-intensive projects, so these ready-to-go kits were just the ticket!
It was fun to see what designs they created, while others followed the sheet it came with.

We also designed a "color-yourself"photo frame to put everyone's class pictures in.  

Always a fun crazy week!

Thanks to our craft team for all their help, the laughs, and all their hard work!

How about you guys?  Do you and your kids do vacation bible school at your church?

It's always a fun way to kick off the summer and my 5 year old thought it was very unfair when he discovered on the Friday of VBS that it only lasted a week!!!!  So they must have had fun!!!

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