Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Creative, Courageous New Year!

With the start of a new year, Laura aka Green Girl, was asked to create a special version of her "Creativity Takes Courage" quote for our line developer at Demdaco to give to the creative team she works with.

all wrapped up and ready for 2012! 

The tag reads, "A new year, a fresh start, a wonderfully inspiring piece of art!"

The product development team has some of the most talented and creative people around and they work hard to make "This Thing Called Family" and many other lines a success!  They've taken some courageous, creative risks in their time - moving in a new direction in recent years to work with a variety of original + inspiring mixed media artists who have unique and wonderful things to say and offer.  (You can see a list of many of the artists and links to their sites on the Demdaco facebook page under "The Artists." )  Not only are the authentic voices of some great artists now being heard, but it's resonating with people, and they are responding + connecting to the artwork and gifts on a scale and in a way that is truly remarkable + humbling.  These relationships between Demdaco, their artists and the public are changing the gift-giving industry! The future is looking good - we're so happy + humbled to be just a teensy part of it!

So we say to all of you readers and to all of our friends at Demdaco - Happy New Year, and keep on being your courageous selves!

adorning a desk at Demdaco

"Creativity Takes Courage," can now be found on one of our phrase blocks, released this month and showing up in stores soon!  Read a bit more about them here.

Sneak Peek at our holiday open house!

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  1. It can also be found on my daughters' wall...the very original "creativity takes courage" design! Woot woot!